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Christmas Concert, Wonderful Concert

A sincere thanks to all of you who came to my show at Carmody's after the parade. I got kissed twice, slow and long, just like I like it. They were both after I finished the show and it seemed almost like they were coordinated, which is unlikely since a maneuver like that couldn't be comprised of such tender and surrendered affection. The one form the first guy started out with a half hug but slipped into the kiss suddenly. The second guy was a little drunk. His girlfriend was more patient with the display, oddly patient. The first guy was gone by that time so there wasn't any trouble; he was off looking for his wife. Come to my show on New Years Eve at Carmody's Irish Pub. I just booked it today and the support is already growing. I don't think I'm starting a movement or anything but just in case, you Liberals should have your picket signs ready and you Conservatives should keep your barrels spotless. Or just come and drink the night into oblivion. I'll give you a ride home.