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Join The Street Team!

All active promoters and street team members have the option to buy wholesale CD's to sell in their area when they drop. The reason we are starting this before the CD is available is so you can build a decent amount of AKA fans that you recruited and can slang the merchandise to. All CD's will be Pressed CD Clones with 4/4 panel art & Shrink Wrap. Basicly what that boils down to in human terms it that its a general CD with a full color face and a silver back (just like a major label release) and all the inserts (front cover front & back(2 sided) ,back cover, tray card ect. basicly its an industry release with all the frills n other such bullshit. so join today, promote your ass off for the next couple months, and start makin some money on us. Remember we get nothing on all sales to our street team because we are giving you our personal mass printing link to the publishing companies web site. in short you pay exactly what we would pay for a stack of CD's to sell, or just buy a couple and enjoy them cheap because of your efforts on the block