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R3LL / Blog

I'm Back!

Sorry everyone for the long wait, I've been busy in other outlets such as filming. That's right I'm also an indie filmmaker. I was the assistant director, editor, sound editor, producer, and score writer.

However I'm primarily for music, and I have recently posted a new song on YouTube, titled "Crystal Clear". You won't be able to listen to the song at this site yet, but you go ahead and check it on in video format.

If anyone have any questions whatsoever, please ask, and I will respond.

Being Diligent As Usual

Good Morning everyone, if anyone may have been pondering of my activity on Reverbnation; well you don't have to worry, because I've been working extremely hard on writing new material, and just surviving in the world like everyone else.

I would also like to thank all of the fellow artist, and fans for the huge amounts of support, because without you all, well I wouldn't reach the top 30's, now it seems as if it's heading towards the top 20's.

Now if you haven't already, I strongly encourage to watch the video formats of my songs "Uncut", and "Open Your Eyes", due to the fact that I still haven't come around to upload the MP3 formats yet; but if you want to hear my recent original material, besides the four songs that have been uploaded long, please watch the videos.

If anyone have any questions whatsoever, please hit me up, or if you just want to talk I'm willing to, just as long as I'm home.

Until then God bless, and stay positive!

Check Out My New Song On YouTube!

Good Morning everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I know I've been gone for a while, and my ranking has decreased, but numbers don't make a difference. Anyway since my hiatus, I've been really busy with work, writting new material, and most recently I performed my first gig, in Cambridge, Maryland; And it was a success!

However I hope you listen to my new song title "Open Your Eyes (Shadows) (Demo)"; It's a really good song, and I've made a lot of effort working with this one.


Keeping My Head Up!

Well I'm back on ReverbNation, to take care of a few things here and there.

Some time in February, I will upload my most recent track "Uncut". However you can currently listen to the song in video format. Also I'm working on a new and exciting song! So far it sounds amazing, however I still have to record a few guitar solo's here and there, and record my vocals. Once it's done, I'm going straight to the Library of Congress Copyrights Office, so I can copyright this new addition.

Last, but not least I totaled the amount of songs I have, and frankly I have enough material to create two albums. However I'm gradually embarking on a journey that will take me far, but I'm still taking one step at a time each and everyday.

Combining One Mind

Sooner or later this year, or next; I intend to collaborate, with other individuals as much as possible. Currently I'm assisting my one friend I met on Xbox Live, with a concept we decided to work on. So far it's going great, but it's a bit challenging, especially when he lives overseas in Japan. long story short while I'm sleeping, he could be wide awake. However I'm not giving up, because it's actually fun working, and fusing minds together, to establish a sound that could possibly turn out great.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Good afternoon everyone, although today is my birthday, I will be relaxing, and enjoy making more music.

The current song I'm working on have a bit dark elements, as far as the tone of the song itself lyrics and Instruments. I'm still in the first stages of developing this new song. So most likely, I will copyright, and upload this song, sometime in December or Next year.

The Morning Light Extended Version

For those that may have visited my page, and listened to my most recent track "The Morning Light"; Just a reminder, the music player is the edited and short version of that song. In fact "The Morning Light", is over 8 minutes long.

So if anyone was wondering, you can find the extended version, here on this site (In the Video section), or you can visit my Youtube page (supamariosoniku), and you can enjoy the full song, with no edits.

The Morning Light

Good morning everyone!

Finally I uploaded my recent song "The Morning Light". I've worked on this composition very hard, and waited patiently for new sounds to come to mind for over 4 months. So now everyone get's an opportunity to listen and enjoy my best efforts.

This song begun as an experience to tap into different genre's, and bring the essence of dance music, and mash it up with rock and pop. It was a slow, but very exciting process that developed into something nice and catchy.

For the sound/theme, I wanted something that would clash between futuristic and fantasy. So I definitely wanted to create an orchestrated piece for fantasy, some synths, guitar solo's, and heavy bass pedals here and there for an even more upbeat and modern sound.

I was a bit inspired by Romeo and Juliet; So as you can tell, there is a tragedy within the make up of the song's lyrics, but it's not between two lovers, instead it's the world itself. The reason for that being, is due to the fact that the character is deeply infatuated with his partner, but their love is forbidden by their families. So to settle the score, the main character destroys the world, not just because of it's corruption and their parent's, but primarily for his lover. However simultaneously, the character feels a sense of regret.

The song also has somewhat of a religious tone, to it as well, hint "The Morning Light". Which has been referenced in the bible and several times, which can also refer to planet Venus too. So all in all there's a story, but somewhat of a message to top it off.

Last, but not least, there are two versions of this song. The main version which is the original and extended cut which is over 8 minutes long, and featuring my friend and local Maryland actress, Patricia Renderos. And the short version and edited version, which I somewhat rushed and decided to cut it down a bit, because I'm strictly on a budget, and I didn't want to to overspend. However you can listen to the full and extended version, by visiting this site, or by visiting this YouTube link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwuYgd_CMfw&feature=plcp

Well I hope you all enjoy my new song, and I have more songs to come in the future, until then keep listening and have a great day :)

I'm Back!

Alright everyone I'm back, and I do apologize for my long hiatus from ReverbNation. However it was for a worthy cause, due to the simple fact, that I've actually managed to complete songs, I didn't originally have any intentions promoting on this site.

I can now officially, and safely say that I have many songs to complete a whole entire album (if I were top notch that is.) However I'm still working on some sounds, specifically for mastering sounds, and certain techniques (from myself of course). So as you all may know, and should know, I'm very patient with my creations, and quite frankly it really pays off.

Lastly, I will be making a visit to the library of congress, to copyright my recent material so that everyone could have a chance to hear my new tracks this weekend, but in the meantime, just bare with me, because these new tracks will probably blow your mind... Probably :)

Until then God Bless!

I've Been Extremely Busy

I've been extremely patient working on this track I've been busy with, for over 3 months now. I don't want to use the word perfect, because no matter how much time I spend on it, it will never be perfected. However I will say, that I'm very picky, yet discreet with the sounds I create.

Basically I'm giving it my all, so this song doesn't sound too corny or crappy. This dance song I'm creating is an experiment, and it can be very complex to choose which sounds I like, and which sounds have to be set or tossed to the side.

So far in my frame of mind, it sounds very amazing. Although It's almost complete, I still like to think as if I'm still in the beginning processing this song in particular.

Once again this song is a cross between techno, rock, funk, and pop. As for the lyrics, think of it as a Romeo and Juliet type of plot. Though there' s a tragedy, the tragedy isn't between the two lovers.

Also my personal life has been a bit stressful recently, working 3 jobs and all. However I'm pushing my best efforts, to convert my stress into positivity, as much as possible. And sustaining more of my faith in Jahweh.