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Been a little while...

Been a while since I posted an update and I am definitely due for one. First off, I came across some unexpected delays in the recording process for my next song...both technical and non-technical. I am hoping things may calm down here pretty soon so I can get back to finishing my song. I will keep you all posted. On another note though, since Christmas isn't too far away, I have some plans to put together a holiday thing or two. So stay tuned for that!

getting close

Just an FYI, but the the recording process on my next song is going pretty smooth. Gotten a lot done on it over the past few weeks and I can honestly say it's getting close to being over. I'll continue to keep you posted.

videos and more

Plenty of things to mention so lets get started... First thing I just posted a video of me doing an acoustic version of This Is The World. And feel free to bookmark/check out my youtube channel. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXT6SbIZrd_9MGTUIkKIHw Not much on there now but I do plan on adding more videos of my music and anything music related. Next thing I wanna mention is I have been doing some more recording on some original material. It's been slow going with life and everything else but it's definitely coming together. I'll keep you all posted. And finally, I'm back to playing bass at church. Since moving to Ashland, we had been on a quest to find a church closer to home. I'm glad to say we finally found one that we are happy with and I'm back to playing bass/guitar/singing at the church.


Hey folks, just to wanted to let you know I posted a video of me playing my original song I'm Gonna Go Somewhere on acoustic guitar. Feel free to check it out! And I plan to add some more videos over time. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

This is the World!

Well if you been paying attention, the new song has been uploaded and ready for streaming,

I'm so glad to get that song uploaded and complete. I worked long and hard on it and I hope you all enjoy it.

Here's some info on the song: The basic chords and lyrics of the song were written probably a good 4+ years ago, but life changes and uncertainty on how I wanted to approach the song kept me from getting a good recording. I am kind of a perfectionist in terms of recording (hard to make myself happy) and the song did go through a few different versions. The tragic events of September 11 were the sole inspiration for the lyrics of the song. The first verse represents a perception of life/feelings before the Sept 11 attacks (and you may notice the use of the past tense phrase This WAS a world,,, in that verse) and the following verses and chorus represent the perception of life/feelings after the attacks. I also used that in the instruments as well....first verse with clean guitar and very ballad like, other verses/chorus with distorted guitar, hard rock sound, etc.

But anyways, like I said, I hope you all enjoy! I hope to get some more songs uploaded as soon as I can.

It's almost here!

Well good news folks, one of my songs is near completion in the recording process and I expect it to be posted here pretty soon.

Good news!

Been getting the recording bug here recently and it looks like I have another song progressing along very well. So we might be seeing some new material on my page (finally!)

And I'm hoping 2014 will be a good year for music. I am getting back into recording, getting back to use reverbnation more, and just have a good feeling for the new year. So I hope it's awesome!!