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05-08-14-My Morning Thoughts:

05-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: You guys do know that yesterday was a “what if you only had one more post in you what would it be” ????...and thank you all for your warm responses but I hope you know I can’t really stop just yet because “WE” haven’t corrected all the wrong in this world! But I got say we are making our little dent in it…and I just thought of one that may help out………….Higher Education? I’m wondering if the politicians of today should start campaigning about how this country needs tradesmen. Seems like the work force is dwindling in these very lucrative much needed areas. I heard there are like 600,000 thousand trade jobs and apprentice positions out there that can’t be filled because more and more high school students are told they need a college education to succeed in the world. The councilor’s need to change their tune in a hurry! Just ask all the college graduates that you know that owe 50 or 60 thousand on their loans and paying 4 or 5 or $600 bucks a month for the next ten years! Oh, and did I forget to mention the majority have jobs that pay just over the minimum wage for the first 3 or 4 years!...I’m not dogging college per say but I am here to tell ya, not every high school student is made for a 4 year college and that’s not bad or good that just is…plumbers, carpenters, electricians and welders all have apprentice positions that provide a direction and a knowledge for students to achieve success after high school. After these apprenticeships some of these students go on to make over 100K a year. Now that is serious money (that I never made) that can add up to that big slice of the American dream to be sure!...when I hear that shop class and woods class are being cut from school to school across this country it makes me ask the BIG question…who’s going to know how to work with their hands anymore? And I don’t mean hands on a computer, I mean working with their hands and their ‘construction knowhow brains’ to figure out how to get a job done like building bridges and laying sewers and hanging power lines…this is kind of important stuff don’t ya think? Anyway, in your travels if you know of some young people looking for advice for their future, don’t be afraid to let them know…there are options out there that don’t require starting out thousands of dollars in the hole…is education needed, absolutely! Does all education come from a 4 year degree, absolutely not!...some need to try other things, find their own niche and work at it…plain and simple.

05-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Last Post”…

05-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Last Post”… …Well it’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve learned huge amounts from the interactions of the numerous topics that have transpired over the years. Great things I never could have imagined and some…that unfortunately I could. Anyone that could have read through my past posts and figured out what the heck I was trying to say for the most part…is all right with me! I hope that I hit some good nerves and woke up a few old memories here and there because that was the intention…for the most part. Ya, say a few words, have a few laughs and bring back some classics that may have been put on the back burner just because of, time…anyway, I had a great time sharing with all of you, and as always, I wish you, your family and friends all well…and remember, smiling works so much better than frowning…plain and simple.

05-06-14-My Morning Thoughts: “FB post”

05-06-14-My Morning Thoughts: “FB post” If you had “One FB post” left in ya, what would it be?...something about family, something about friends, something about the world, something about another world, something good?...I’m just curious that’s all… I tell ya tomorrow what my last post would be…but you got-a-tell-me yours first…plain and simple.

05-05-14-My Morning Thoughts:

05-05-14-My Morning Thoughts: What can I do today to make this a better place? I’ve been thinking on this, you know, for a while. It’s not easy at face value but it’s really not impossible either. We have all this stuff now that gets the word out pretty quick…like real time! It’s really just up to us to get the ball rolling. I know the FB people are fantastic people because I read about them every day and I know if we started something easy it would roll like a marble in a bathtub…what should it be? What can we start that’s easy yet good for everyone?...well I think being nice is the easiest first step so let me just come right out at say it…wishing everyone a wonderful day and hope it goes as smooth as silk…plain and simple.

05-02-14-My Morning Thoughts:

05-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: Is there really anything cooler than music? What a great creation, its right up there with fire and the wheel in my mind. Matter of fact, I like playing music around the camp fire and jamming it loud while cruising in my wheels (not as much now, but I use to)…WOW, that’s pretty lame for a morning thoughts don’t ya think?...LOL…more coffee all around!!...and everyone have a great safe weekend…plain and simple.

04-30-14-My Morning Thoughts:”I got it”...NOT!!!!

04-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly…”I got it”...NOT!!!! I’m not trying to invent any more apps for the cell phones ever again! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEvery time I think of one and I think it’s a great idea my kids grab my phone and download the app I thought, I thought of first!!!!...I’m just too damn slow anymore for this high tech world…just bring me back to the two soup cans on each end of a long string and I’ll be just fine!...plain and simple.

04-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Parents”

04-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Parents” We all learn so much from our parents it’s hard to remember it all! I mean if you list the things that have been taught and handed down the list probably would never end. There’s tons of great information passed down but I always wondered how so many people had the same information passed down. Maybe my parents’ generation was the best at it or something I don’t know…how did they know that ever parent said; you better finish that plate or you’re not getting up from that table until you do or you’re not getting any desert? Or how did every parent know to call their little boy’s room a pig-sty when it was messed up? Or how did they know that you have to do your chores before you could go out and play? I mean was there a manual called “Parents Directives & Answers” that had all these things listed? I just always thought it was funny when you’re telling your friends at school of how your Mom described you room as a pig-sty and your friend says that’s exactly what my Mom called my room last night!...Walt Disney had it right…’it is a small world after all’…plain and simple.

04-25-14-My Morning Thoughts:

04-25-14-My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly… I’m not quite sure but I don’t think there will ever be just one parent working and the other taking care of the kids and the household anymore…well at least not for the masses. Those days seem long gone unfortunately. Prices continue to go up for, well just about everything and seem not to go down ever! I guess we get accustom to it mainly because we say things like, what can I do, the issues over my head, who would listen to me, I’m just a working stiff and on and on…but I will answer those questions with...the world is networked together with the ability to change just about anything…today, we pretty much just have to want to change and rest will fall right into place, on the viral-techno-highway…have a great safe weekend everyone and don’t be afraid to try something new…plain and simple.

04-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: “WHEN!

04-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly…“WHEN! Songs are not enough…I write about peace I write about love I write about injustice I write about togetherness…I write I write I write…Why is this hill so steep? It feels like I’m sliding backwards twice as fast as I step forward sometimes…When is it going to change? Will it every change? I just want it to change!...Help me make it change!…we are all brothers and sisters just sharing this time slot…plain and simple.

04-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “the only planet I ever had”

04-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly…“the only planet I ever had” It’s almost funny how most go from day to day business as usual with the repetition of their routines you could set clocks to. I know I do it much too much! There is plenty going on in this world that I’m sure anyone could find something different to do today! I mean anything like walking around the block the opposite way, or eating a banana instead of oatmeal, or saying hi to the neighbor down the street that never answers you, or calling an old friend that you haven’t talked to in years, or picking up that coke can and recycling it, or just being down right nice even if you’re not…I mean it is the only planet we have to share for the time being so why not do something different and take care of it… of course if you already do this stuff, never mind and have a fantabulous day…plain and simple.