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04-14-16-My Morning Thoughts:

04-14-16-My Morning Thoughts: I would think most have laughed more than they’ve cried…nevertheless, if you’re on the opposite end of this I’m hopeful today changes to an overabundances of laughter or at a minimum to happy tears…enjoy the sunshine its always somewhere…plain and simple.

04-12-16-My Morning Thoughts:

04-12-16-My Morning Thoughts: I like music so I’m going to play music as much as I can today and when I get home I might just play some music myself…enjoy the day all everyone counts…plain and simple.

04-08-16-My Morning Thoughts:

04-08-16-My Morning Thoughts: As I was walking to City Hall yesterday I started wondering if more people look down when they walk or do they look up. I noticed this because I was looking down as if I didn’t know where my next step was going to land. So as I started looking up I noticed all this cool stuff at eye level and above…it’s called life!...ya I’m looking up from now on when I walk and if ya haven’t tried it yet try it this weekend and let me know which one you fancy…have a great weekend all…plain and simple.

04-05-16-My Morning Thoughts:

04-05-16-My Morning Thoughts: I have one overwhelming solo thought today…let’s be a little better than we were yesterday…plain and simple.

04-01-16-My Morning Thoughts:

04-01-16-My Morning Thoughts: Donald Trump wins the presidency 75 million register for Canadian citizenship the following day!... April Fools!...Bernie Sanders really won!...April Fools again!…no Hillary really won!...April Fools again!…Ted won?...April Fools yet again!...I’m running out of April Fools jokes!...hahahahahaha…not to worry folks because most things won’t change to much for the poor and the middleclass and the hard working Americans so don’t let it ruin your weekend just continue to love all you’re brothers and sisters!...plain and simple.

03-29-16-My Morning Thoughts:

03-29-16-My Morning Thoughts: Tomorrow just may come…don’t burn the bridge…plain and simple.

03-24-16-My Morning Thoughts: DEEP THOUGHT TODAY

03-24-16-My Morning Thoughts: DEEP THOUGHT TODAY Most politics suck, most people good…plain and simple.

03-22-16-My Morning Thoughts:

03-22-16-My Morning Thoughts: There’s just so much good every day and those crazies are still out there trying to ruin it…plain and simple.

03-17-16-My Morning Thoughts:

03-17-16-My Morning Thoughts: Hey when is St. Patrick’s Day this year?...LOL!, everyone be safe and have a great day!...plain and simple.

03-15-16-My Morning Thoughts:

03-15-16-My Morning Thoughts: The world is a funny complicated place and if you’re not making a political statement then you’re not doing it right so many will tell you today…Well, people may say everything is not political in which case everything cannot be politically correct! And when I say I love my family and friends I mean I love my family and friends…period! I want nothing more than to tell you how I feel...have a great day all!...plain and simple.