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Larry Insana / Blog

07-22-16-My Morning Thoughts:

07-22-16-My Morning Thoughts: Due to work, I worked the RNC from last Saturday until last night… And may I say that I am so proud of the City I work for and live in you can’t imagine! It matters not what political party you follow or indorse because the people the police and the visitors were all top-notch! Thank you everyone and thank you Cleveland for being GREAT ON THE LAKE!...plain and simple.

07-13-16-My Morning Thoughts:

07-13-16-My Morning Thoughts: Hey I haven’t forgotten ya! Just some battery recharging going on around here… every now and then the world slows down and for our sake I hope its really slow next week…great days to all…plain and simple.

07-08-16-My Morning Thoughts:

07-08-16-My Morning Thoughts: Some very sad times my friends. Being positive gets harder and harder it seems, though I remain confident that it’s the right way to live this life. When tragedy strikes unfortunately that’s news and when its news it easily becomes political at a moment’s notice. Once again I might ask that we don’t jump to conclusions and wait for all the facts. It’s a given that there are some sick people in this world but it’s also a given that they are few. There are millions and millions of acts of kindness every day and although we don’t see every one of them believe me there out there…trying to keep the positive conviction…love one another already please…plain and simple.

06-30-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT championships

06-30-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT championships Winning and losing championships are both noble positions to partake in. When you win you get all the glorious spoils and recognition that falls into a champion’s well warranted realm, when you lose some might say it’s just that agony of defeat thing. Either way by participating in the “championship game” both have reached the pinnacle of their profession and being so you can’t honorably have a great champion without a great opponent. Me I’ve always loved the upright comradely sportsmanship part of competition, play hard, do your best, and win or lose, respect yours and your opponent’s achievement. Notwithstanding, both young and old have witnessed together and shared an historical victory parade of one million three hundred thousand people in the City of Cleveland… Me, I can’t help from feeling the pride of “THE LAND” and give the largest prestigious THANK YOU to the CAVS and their FANS!...and may I say the TRIBE is on a roll too people!...plain and simple.

06-21-16-My Morning Thoughts:

06-21-16-My Morning Thoughts: It sure seems like the sun is shining all the time now in Cleveland and I’m going to enjoy every second of it…plain and simple.

06-14-16-My Morning Thoughts:

06-14-16-My Morning Thoughts: Just trying to keep some good thoughts going this fine morning mostly because I know there are many decent things going on out there. Anytime I have some good thoughts I try and share them because I feel it’s what we are supposed to do for each other…find some sunshine today my friends…plain and simple.

06-10-16-My Morning Thoughts: “Fridays”

06-10-16-My Morning Thoughts: “Fridays” I dig the Fridays now even more than I use to. I mean don’t get me wrong Fridays were always the best but now after working most my life I do appreciate the Fridays! Hope all your Fridays are wonderfully long bursting with laughter and enjoyed to the fullest!...plain and simple.

05-26-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

05-26-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT May your TBT be as far back as you want to go today! I know sometimes I think about so far back that I can only get a tad of the memory but then again…sometimes that’s enough…plain and simple.

05-25-16-My Morning Thoughts:

05-25-16-My Morning Thoughts: My open-minded views on certain things and old-fashioned views on certain things appear to be meeting more centrally lately. I’m one of those people that want all to be veraciously perfect with the universe and though most say it’s naive to think that way I still believe there’s always a chance to be better…because better is in each and every one of us, don’t ya think…have a great day all…plain and simple.

05-19-16-My Morning Thoughts:

05-19-16-My Morning Thoughts: I enjoy friendship immensely and to have friends you first must be friendly I imagine…so here’s to all those beautiful people out there searching for friends while be friendly to find friends…hope it happens today…plain and simple.