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01-03-17-My Morning Thoughts:

Ok so last year’s resolution I suspended my smoking campaign and I haven’t starting smoking again so I guess that was a completed resolution. This year I would like to exercise in the morning so it’s completed each day and then I can’t wait for an excuse that will undoubtedly (normally) come by the end of the day… on that note, my morning thoughts may suffer on occasion due to time constraints but always remember I’m consistently sending out positive vibes to you all whether I’m here or not in the morning and I’m continually trying to do and be the best I can… peace in the new year for all…plain and simple.

12-02-16-My Morning Thoughts:

12-02-16-My Morning Thoughts: I love talking to good old friends! Topics just pop up as if it were yesterday! It always amazes me that even the most normal activity can come back as one of those landmark best times in one’s life…do you remember this do you remember that kind-a-stuff that could go on and on forever it seems. Ya good old friends is where it’s at I’m telling ya…and if ya don’t have any it’s never too late to start and trust me on this one it’s well worth it!...have a great weekend all and be safe…plain and simple.

11-15-16-My Morning Thoughts:

11-15-16-My Morning Thoughts: Tomorrow just may come so don’t burn any bridges…plain and simple.

11-03-16-My Morning Thoughts:

11-03-16-My Morning Thoughts: So the Cleveland Indians came up a tad short last night, well hats off to the Cubs I guess it was there time this time but…….wait till next time!...THANK YOU FOR THE RIDE TRIBE!...plain and simple.

10-12-16-My Morning Thoughts:

10-12-16-My Morning thoughts: I was thinking this morning (and no I didn’t hurt myself) that sometime we blame more than other times. I’m not sure why it appears easier to throw the stones these days somewhat more than in past but there are definitely lots of stones being hurled. The funny thing is I know many of the things I’ve done wrong in my life and I would never want to be that guy living in the glass house but looking from the outside in seems like there are many glass houses still out there. Without getting to profound this fine morning I will cautiously say that maybe washing our own windows first before we talk about all the other dirty windows may be prudent at this time and may just have a positive influence overall…plain and simple.

09-21-16-My Morning Thoughts:

09-21-16-My Morning Thoughts: I’m not sure I have thoughts anymore worth mentioning. The same horrific things keep happening over and over and my most positive thoughts are dwindling away…it’s just so easy in my mind to love one another during this ever so short time we have together and yet it still isn’t working…so all I can say is just keep trying love my friends because if the alternative catches on it will be disastrous…plain and simple.

09-15-16-My Morning Thoughts:

09-15-16-My Morning Thoughts: I’m not really throwing back a Thursday today but I will say I hope everybody has a wonderful safe day…I know we can make it happen if we try…plain and simple.

09-14-16-My Morning

09-14-16-My Morning Thoughts: I will never be afraid of making a mistake! Those of you that know me are saying obviously right now. Nevertheless, I’ve made a few minor and a few major blunders along the way that I’m ashamed of however never would I look back and say I didn’t try! Worrying about an outcome prevents the attempt, so quit worrying and get out there and make your declaration!...have a great day all…plain and simple.

09-08-16-My Morning Thoughts:

09-08-16-My Morning Thoughts: Soooooooooooo its rational thinking that should prevail right? Please tell me yes…have a wonderful day all and stay safe…plain and simple.

09-01-16-My Morning Thoughts:

09-01-16-My Morning Thoughts: Some days start out tougher than others but it’s those other days that continue to shine right through…plain and simple.