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10-01-15-My Morning Thoughts:

10-01-15-My Morning Thoughts: Most will never be as good as they were in certain things though other things now we may be better, but either way continuing to strive for being the best in all things is truly the best you can do…to me it’s never the end result it’s the path taken along this mystical unpredictable relatively short journey that continues to calm me at the most essential times…I’m not just here for the ride, sometimes I like to drive a little too!…enjoy finding your path friends…plain and simple.

09-29-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-29-15-My Morning Thoughts: Everyone it’s said you cannot please, yet some you can, so what’s the harm in trying to prove those negative nellies wrong?...have a great day everyone…plain and simple.

09-25-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-25-15-My Morning Thoughts: The emotional rollercoaster of life has so many swings in it, some good and some not so good, but if you can hang on tight to the not so good swings I’m telling ya the good swings keep getting better and better…have a great weekend everyone, and I as you know, will try my best…plain and simple.

09-23-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-23-15-My Morning Thoughts: How priorities are chosen on a daily basis; Water, Food & Shelter…those of us that may have other daily priorities probably should remember this throughout our daily priorities…don’t be afraid to give a little because to some, it means a lot…even if your just giving some beautiful kindness, which this world always can use…smile friends cause I know somebody out there needs a smile every now and then…plain and simple.

09-22-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-22-15-My Morning Thoughts: Life isn’t always ‘perfect’ and ‘love’ isn’t always shared but when the two come together it’s… ‘Perfect love’…have a fantastic day all and enjoy each other’s company…plain and simple

09-11-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-11-15-My Morning Thoughts: If Friday is the end of your work week and you’re not grateful and thrilled????…what’s up!!!!!!!!!...LOL…have a great weekend and don’t wait to have fun and enjoy each other because sometimes we wait to darn long…never forget…plain and simple.

09-02-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-02-15-My Morning Thoughts: Why wait…hug somebody today already…plain and simple.

09-01-15-My Morning Thoughts:

09-01-15-My Morning Thoughts: Goodbye August and hello September!...I am so ready for a new month to begin. Hoping that this month all the sunrises and sunsets are the best ever…there is no time to waste so if there’s something you want to do or want to say to someone my advice would be, don’t wait…have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy all you can…plain and simple.

08-25-15-My Morning Thoughts:

08-25-15-My Morning Thoughts: There’s really only one way to do something and that’s the right way! We can finagle situations numerous ways and the premise may be different however unless you get to the right answer there’s nothing else left but to try and try again until it’s correct...mistakes are made every day and we learn so much from such failures but those that don’t give up learn the most and appreciate the path in much more detail than those that give up without knowing…plain and simple.

07-31-15-My Morning Thoughts: Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells

07-31-15-My Morning Thoughts: Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly For years I wrote these morning thoughts Monday through Friday but as of late I’ve slowed down purposely. When I write about subjects like religion or politics or racism or guns or any other controversial subjects I guess I become the instigator/agitator. I’m interested in what people think so I question with the intent of learning. As I’ve said in the past my opinions or beliefs or even my way of life never has the intention of offending but merely questioning how everyone else is living through all this. Those of you that have been reading since the beginning (January 2012) know what I’m talking about and that my meaning or end quest is the knowledge to see us all come together some way. I am naive on so many subjects however I do know how far love can take us all and I do believe that this is the hope of every sane person out there! Will I write about controversial subjects again, probably? Will I offend someone else’s views, most likely? Will I love you any less for not agreeing with me, never! And furthermore, have you changed my views on some topics with your intellect and intuitive response’s? Well yes, some of you have without question...have a wonderful weekend everyone and share the love…plain and simple.