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06-14-16-My Morning Thoughts:

06-14-16-My Morning Thoughts: Just trying to keep some good thoughts going this fine morning mostly because I know there are many decent things going on out there. Anytime I have some good thoughts I try and share them because I feel it’s what we are supposed to do for each other…find some sunshine today my friends…plain and simple.

06-10-16-My Morning Thoughts: “Fridays”

06-10-16-My Morning Thoughts: “Fridays” I dig the Fridays now even more than I use to. I mean don’t get me wrong Fridays were always the best but now after working most my life I do appreciate the Fridays! Hope all your Fridays are wonderfully long bursting with laughter and enjoyed to the fullest!...plain and simple.

05-26-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

05-26-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT May your TBT be as far back as you want to go today! I know sometimes I think about so far back that I can only get a tad of the memory but then again…sometimes that’s enough…plain and simple.

05-25-16-My Morning Thoughts:

05-25-16-My Morning Thoughts: My open-minded views on certain things and old-fashioned views on certain things appear to be meeting more centrally lately. I’m one of those people that want all to be veraciously perfect with the universe and though most say it’s naive to think that way I still believe there’s always a chance to be better…because better is in each and every one of us, don’t ya think…have a great day all…plain and simple.

05-19-16-My Morning Thoughts:

05-19-16-My Morning Thoughts: I enjoy friendship immensely and to have friends you first must be friendly I imagine…so here’s to all those beautiful people out there searching for friends while be friendly to find friends…hope it happens today…plain and simple.

05-17-16-My Morning Thoughts:

05-17-16-My Morning Thoughts: …Subsequently I was sitting in this Turkish type bar/restaurant when this guy says to me; is that your car outside next to my camel?.........no I can’t go with the jokes this early haha!...have a great day all by enjoying the wondrous events that surround you…there are many out there though you just might have to look hard to find some of them…it’s always been worth the effort for me…plain and simple.

05-13-16-My Morning Thoughts:

05-13-16-My Morning Thoughts: This is my 2,664th Friday and I’m still in the TGIF mantra! Fridays just never get old to me! Have a great day all and enjoy that weekend the best you can!...plain and simple.

05-12-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

05-12-16-My Morning Thoughts: TBT Most people remember someone during their youthful days that made a difference in their lives. Maybe a parent or teacher or family member or even a friend and whoever it was, changed us to some degree. There’s even the chance that we can’t remember who that someone was. Either way here’s to the people that help the youth find there most fortunate path on this often challenging road of life…thank you even if you don’t know who you are that helped!...plain and simple.

04-27-16-My Morning Thoughts:

04-27-16-My Morning Thoughts: One time around…make it count and love somebody today already...plain and simple.

04-20-16-My Morning Thoughts: I need to get over this hump year!

04-20-16-My Morning Thoughts: I need to get over this hump year! I’ve gained more than 30 lbs. since New Year’s Day my doctor told me yesterday and believe me…I’m not proud. This is probably not a good thing being 5’ 8” at 233lbs. aaaaand that my motivation level has slipped somewhat undesirably and continues to return as procrastination! The belly is so big it has hindered guitar playing, can’t swing the golf club, stopped using the stairs and this just all sucks! I see two paths ahead; 1) gain 100 more pounds get on the biggest looser and write a great weight loss song for the show and of course win the show become famous and be in shape again…or…2) start eating correctly and exercising again. Hmm…Hmm…I wonder which path will be selected grasshopper. All I know is I need to select something soon and that’s the truth…however I still believe in all of you even though I’m a-tad-a-mess right now…today is the day I start to turn this back around!...and it is a beautiful day…plain and simple.