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06-19-15-My Morning Thoughts:

06-19-15-My Morning Thoughts: It’s a sad day when racism raises its horrific head. I pray for Charleston, I pray for the Carolina’s, I pray for the US and I pray for the world…and if prayers don’t work…I will always try to treat all people with respect and dignity through every encounter I have…plain and simple.

06-11-15-My Morning Thoughts:

06-11-15-My Morning Thoughts: Is it just me or have more of your friends suddenly starting speaking with an Australian inflection too????...Go Cavs, No Worries Mate!...plain and simple.

05-29-15-My Morning Thoughts: “The TV Blues”

05-29-15-My Morning Thoughts: “The TV Blues” Ok, the average lifespan is like 75 years, that’s 27,375 days or 657,000 hours…me being born and raised during the perfection of “TV Tray” and the TV’s on almost all the time how many of those hours can I say I wasn’t watching TV? I mean even today I get up turn on the news while I get ready for work even if I’m not watching it! I go home after work turn on the TV start some dinner and the TV’s on while were eating; the TV is on while were doing the dishes, then I continue to hang out with wife talk a little and then get ready for bed…and during this time were talking about what’s on TV tonight!...I have definitely spent too much of my “limited” time with the TV on!...and the truly said thing is, I like TV!… although I’m hopeful to get out and enjoy some sunshine this weekend!……………..………..have a safe weekend all…plain and simple.

05-28-15-My Morning Thoughts:

05-28-15-My Morning Thoughts: Why do “empty nesters” need doors anymore, I haven’t closed a door in weeks now!…haha, have a great day everyone…plain and simple.

05-22-15-My Morning Thoughts: LOVE

05-22-15-My Morning Thoughts: LOVE I guess we use the word love to much according to some news media which I will not divulge the source. They say we use it so much that we water down the importance but I say we need to use it more…cause a watered down “I love you” is better than no “I love you” at all in my opinion…have a great safe Memorial weekend everybody and I mean that with LOVE…plain and simple.

05-18-15-My Morning Thoughts: Toothpaste

05-18-15-My Morning Thoughts: Toothpaste When everyone use to live in my house (and yes it’s a little lonely now) for some reason they always thought the toothpaste tube was empty way before it is? Every time a new tube was opened I purposely got the old one out of the trash and used it for like a week more just to prove a point! I mean ya have to work at it a little but why start a new tube when you haven’t squeezed every once out of that old tube that you paid for!...I don’t know maybe I was too cheap but it just appears reasonable to me to use what you can before you discard it…oh the good old days…plain and simple.

05-12-15-My Morning Thoughts: “I am a happy man”

05-12-15-My Morning Thoughts: “I am a happy man” …Who would of thunk it, an Italian Irish born in PA grew up in Euclid now resides and works for the City of Cleveland could ever be this fortunate with family and friends…thank you all and all the best to you!…plain and simple.

05-08-15-My Morning Thoughts:

05-08-15-My Morning Thoughts: I normally don’t dwell on looking too far into the future, I more or less concentrate on how many hours I have left to be doing the things I love before I go to bed each night. I don’t know, it seems to work for me…enjoy people cause time is always on the go and have a fantabulous weekend!…plain and simple.

04-29-15-My Morning Thoughts

04-29-15-My Morning Thoughts: I watch the news and I cry. I hear the hatred and my ears burn. I feel such emotion at this moment and I can only imagine how exhausting this emotion for good would play out…we must build not rip down…plain and simple.

04-24-15-My Morning Thoughts:

04-24-15-My Morning Thoughts: Let’s start this weekend off right!...is there a song that you just have to hear it once this weekend before you get back to work on Monday?…I really got this blues craving thing going but I don’t know which one it will be…any ideas??...anyway, enjoy the weekend be safe and cherish the time…plain and simple.