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12-08-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-08-15-My Morning Thoughts: “Love Love Love”…its easy…plain and simple.

12-04-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-04-15-My Morning Thoughts: There may be many times in life when some are unsure of right and wrong but there are few times in life we can’t learn from both…have a great safe day and enjoy the weekend…plain and simple.

12-02-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-02-15-My Morning Thoughts: Are you kidding me December second! Oh well, make sure you make time do the things that mean the most because time fly’s by my friends…have a great day all…plain and simple.

11-20-15-My Morning Thoughts:

11-20-15-My Morning Thoughts: I will be leaving the Division of Water Pollution Control as the Deputy Commissioner at the end of this day and embarking on a new job as Assistant Chief of Safety over the Department of Public Utilities. I’ve been at WPC for more than 29 years and it will be extremely tough to leave however I’m greatly exited for the next journey…have a wonderful safe weekend all and wishing everyone’s dreams come true…plain and simple.

11-17-15-My Morning Thoughts:

I’m just curious…did my ancestors really invent the wooden spoon for stirring spaghetti sauce (gravy)?...I distinctly remember a multitude of uses for that spoon…LOL…have a great safe day all…plain and simple.

11-13-15-My Morning Thoughts:

11-13-15-My Morning Thoughts: Artists I love listening to when I can let the art of music flow over me…Etta Baker (Railroad Bill), Algia Mae Hinton (Honey Babe), John Dee Holeman (Bull Durham Blues)…most have not listened to these old blues folk artists but when I listen I feel the earthiness of this music that keeps me grounded to the core…my advice, listen to music and have a great weekend along the way!!!!…plain and simple.

11-11-15-My Morning Thoughts: “Veterans Day”

11-11-15-My Morning Thoughts: “Veterans Day” Thank you to all the veterans out there! This is a special day to me because I have so many veterans in the family and I love, respect and appreciate them, and all the veterans!...a “thank you” is never enough but if you pass by a veteran today, a “thank you” is something that just might go a long way…plain and simple.

10-27-15-My Morning Thoughts:

If everyone would give just a little love I bet it would help out a whole lot…have a great day all…plain and simple.

10-22-15-My Morning Thoughts: “Sorry I can’t help myself sometimes “

10-22-15-My Morning Thoughts: “Sorry I can’t help myself sometimes “ Presidential campaigns heating up already on the boob tube and this is going to be the craziest campaign ever so hold on tight! Let’s see, we have a candidate that will have Mexico build a wall for us for free, we have a candidate that has a problem with e-mails, we have a candidate running as a socialist, we have a candidate that’s running on the fact that he’s a legacy, we have a candidate that really knows how to get inside our brains, we have a candidate that was let go from her CEO position and ironically the “almost candidate” with arguably the most experience graciously decided not to run and may I say, it was said with class and dignity in my opinion…and I could go on and on!…Just remember we are all on the same side even if were on opposite sides and then when a side is elected whether it’s your side or the other side we are all in this together!…stand firm in your beliefs argue your point vigorously, but belittling or demeaning others for their opinions shall not be in my cards…I was just wondering, when did the quest for power become bigger than the thirst for money? Probably since everyone that runs for president now already has lots of money!...anyway, my grandma Thompson said something to me once in my early years, “American’s that don’t vote in the election should not have an argument in the outcome”…I’m not sure if she said it exactly like that but I still remember the idea of her statement when I tried to put my 2 cents into a family get together one year before my legal voting age LOL…plain and simple.

10-20-15-My Morning Thoughts:

10-20-15-My Morning Thoughts: Well let’s see, it’s Tuesday and I’m still tired from the weekend…but what a weekend it was! Have a great day all and enjoy every moment you can…plain and simple.