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Larry Insana / Blog

02-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Music Biz”

02-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Music Biz” One thing for sure…it is tough to make it in the music business! Back in the day there were ‘niches’ that a young talented musician could find their way into the business. Songwriting, session work, cover bands, original bands but today, although the many avenues are still around, there is such an abundance of raw undisputed talent flooding the ‘waves’ the chances have been ironically limited quite a bit. Those already on top continue to ‘shock’ somewhat to stay on top. Those at the bottom continue to find a way to ‘shock’ in their own right for the hopes of something going “viral” I guess. I tend to lean on the side that talent shines through and that those of us that just love to play…are going to play anyway, which is really what it’s all about! To me, it matters not that I’m a local guy who loves to write songs and play live when given the opportunity because what matters most is I enjoy doing it and if others enjoy it (be it many or not) that’s entirely the motivation to trek on! If I write a song, and one person gets it or can relate to it for whatever reason then I have entertained and at that moment of entertaining the connection has been ignited…and for that moment in time (however big or small) it cannot and will not be extinguished!...so rock on and if it’s truly your passion, your spirit and heart will shine right where it’s suppose to be, as far as I can tell…plain and simple.

02-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Last but never least”

02-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Last but never least” Were you ever that last kid picked growing up? You know all those pick-up games after school and on the weekends. I really don’t remember ever being last one picked (not bragging or anything but I just don’t) but I do remember being the one that had to pick from the last two on occasion…and that really sucked quite frankly! Because whomever I picked that last kid would know I didn’t pick him…but I must say that over those years the kid that was picked last amongst our gang wasn’t always that same kid as some might think. Over time, people grow, gain confidence, become coordinated and learn skills making them the higher pick…it is funny how things work out sometime but looking back it never could have been all that great being that last kid selected, even if it only was once…plain and simple.

02-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: ‘The Right Thing’

02-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: ‘The Right Thing’ Those of us that have spent a good amount of life trying to ‘do the right thing’ I wonder if you ever wonder if it worked out to the best? Could we have done the wrong thing and still ended up right? Could we have done the right thing and it ended up wrong? Could we not even know the answer till the end?...is that possible, one may never know…………………..have a great weekend and “don’t take any wooden nickels”…that’s if they still make em…plain and simple.

02-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: Smoking is bad!

02-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: Smoking is bad! I’m…Still smoking, still know it’s bad, still know it stinks, still know it’s not PC, still know I don’t want anyone ever to start and still know that I should have never started…but I’m still a pretty nice guy for the most part, so could you cut me some slack when I’m standing outside in the cold…?...even at stadiums which I helped pay for with my sins!...plain and simple.

02-03-14-My Morning Thoughts:

02-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: I’m inspired by philan…thropist”good deed doers”…LOL…humanitarians that aren’t normally given all the awards and trophies but those that just do it from deep down in their soul. They aren’t afraid to stand when those in power say sit down and they go out of their way to help those who truly need and they continue to blow the horn for peace and love…ya those people inspire me…plain and simple.

01-31-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Lonely Road”

01-31-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Lonely Road” Did you ever feel lonely while standing right in the middle of crowd? Maybe it’s the conversation that just aint hitting ya right or maybe it’s the way you’re just taking it all in or maybe it’s an off switch that you don’t know why it’s on off. When I’m lost in these moments although they may be few and fleeting they still haunt me like the old lonely road I dream of at times. You know it’s one of those roads that just give the impression to never end and get darker and darker as the trees seem to enclose in on me like a live dome…it’s nearly musical as the wind swirls’ almost like it’s trying to tell me something or warn me of what lays ahead. I never get through it or to the end of that road because something always stops me from that last step of, it seems, no return…when I wake I’ve been saying the next time I’m on this lonely road I’m going to put the pedal to the floor and see what’s at the other end…someday, perhaps I will…but for now, it’s just another lonely road lost in a dream…plain and simple.

01-30-14-My Morning Thoughts:

01-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Poor man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be king and a king and satisfied till he rules everything”…Badlands by the Boss…now you tell me music don’t tell it like is…plain and simple.

01-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: Sin Tax!!!!!!

01-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: Sin Tax!!!!!! Please explain to me how a “sin tax” is just?...all the non-sinners out there (and I’m sure there many…NOT!) reap the benefits of all the sinners! How can that be legal, ethical or moral in any-way-shape-or-form? I am so tired of a specific group getting singled out, to pay for the stadiums and sports team needs when only the owners and teams collect the majority of the spoils! And I’m a huge sports fan! If I’m a sinner, and I purchase those commodities classified as sins, then I should participate with the outcome! Maybe I get a discount on my tickets? Maybe I get a discount on my stadium products? Maybe I get a special parking space that says sinners parking only…thank you! Maybe I don’t have to wait in long lines!...something! anything!...Or maybe they should just stop this term all together and this unjust idea of a “sin tax” and tax something that everyone uses in some kind of a flat tax across the board…like…toilet paper!!!!!!!!...I’m voting no on this proposed sin tax, could ya tell…plain and simple.

01-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Any Given Day”

01-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Any Given Day” For some reason, the way I see it, the point I’m trying to make is…there is less point than there is awareness…however it is very cold…if ya catch my drift…what is a drift anyway? Can it be caught? Should it be caught? Do I really want it to be caught?...HHHHMMMMMMM…very perplexing…I know I’m tired of drifts that’s for sure…have a great day…plain and simple.

01-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Cars so far”

01-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Cars so far” My car life from the first to last, 22 cars so far and I paid around 300 bucks for all of them until the Chevy S-10…needless to say they were mainly in the “beater” category! Chevy impala, Ford maverick, delta 88, Dodge dart, Buick skylark, Pontiac Le mans, Chevy Vega, Chevy Malibu, Chevy conversion van, Chevy Townsman Wagon, Chevy Caprice wagon…Chevy S-10, another Chevy S-10, Chevy Blazer, Dodge Mini-van, Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, Ford conversion Van, Ford F-250 van, Chryslers Town-n-country, and the last two were Hyundai’s…oh how times change…this seems like so many cars for one person, no?...plain and simple.