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Larry Insana / Blog

06-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Complacency”

06-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Complacency” I’m going to have to get out more so I can live some more stories. Complacency is never a good thing and to have a life you got-to get out there and live life cause there aint no guarantees…plain and simple. PS: Happy Birthday to my son Bob, have a wonderful day!!

06-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: plain and simple

06-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: plain and simple Are people buying turntables again? I have all these albums from the old days that for some reason I just hang on to and now I see these bands are putting out CD’s and Vinyl again…do people still play albums? I always loved the albums because they usually gave some insight from the writers and producers that I just loved to read. Today with the CD’s so small I’ve lost that exciting part of the musical experience…especially because they use a font size that I can’t even see with my “cheaters” on!...plain and simple.

06-13-14-My Morning Thoughts: plain and simple

06-13-14-My Morning Thoughts: plain and simple My father always tells me, even to this day, “don’t burn the bridges behind you, keep your nose clean and put in an honest day’s work”…I do the best I can (which is also what he tells me) trying to put forth a best effort however sometime everything doesn’t work out the way I would like. I’ve made mistakes I’ve done things wrong but I try to fix those errors, admit I was wrong and keep moving forward using my father’s words as a blueprint. I don’t know, for some reason they just make sense to me…Love you Dad and have a Happy Father’s Day “weekend” to you and to all the dads out there…and next year at this time, I will be adding my son Jack to the list and wishing him his first, Happy Father’s Day…plain and simple.

06-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: O.U.

06-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: Bob, one of my best friend’s in the world ran the Ohio University Concert Committee and there were times he would get me jobs as a roadie for the famous bands that were coming through Athens every now again. These jobs were cool cause I got to interact with the other road crew normally and get a taste of what it’s like in the “big-time”. Anyway when John McLaughlin came to A-town Bob knew I was a fan so he asked me if I could help set up and of course I accepted. Funny thing is that when the trucks rolled up and started unloading guess who was right with the crew helping out…John McLaughlin himself! And guess who he pics to help him…me!...so while we were unloading I didn’t say much cause I guess I didn’t want to get in his way or bother him but after about an hour he says…”man you don’t talk much do ya” and I said I just didn’t want to get in the way. So after the seal was broken I said you know we have a mutual friend and he asked who and I said Devadip Carlos Santana…he said oh you know Carlos, and then I told him the story of how I met him and John says “that sure sounds like Carlos, what a great guy and a true friend”…so during the conversation we talk about music and I let him know I play and when the stage was set up I give him a nice to meet ya and have a great show and he says…”you aint getting off that easy”…he says “I got this new experimental Yamaha classical guitar that they built for me to try out…do you think you could play it during the sound check so I can check out the sound in the room”...at first I said na but then I said, what the heck! I always say no thanks but this time I’m saying YES!...So I play, I sing, I have a blast and he says…thanks and make sure you’re here about an hour early before the show tonight…and my great reply was…what?…and he says I’d like you to play a few songs while the people are coming in if ya don’t mind…I’m sure I looked frightened to death, well I felt frightened to death anyway but somehow how I said ok…you know I always wanted to meet Carlos Santana one more time so I could tell him…hey Carlos, you know we have a mutual friend… John McLaughlin…plain and simple.

06-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: “This Doors for You”

06-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: “This Doors for You” If the door will not open from the side your on…find a door that will, there are plenty of doors (believe you me) cause lord knows I’ve tried many…plain and simple.

06-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Santana, the meeting”

06-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Santana, the meeting” When I met Carols Santana the first time I was blown away with his gentle spirit and his ability to make this young kid that’s star struck so at ease. This was the third time I had saw Santana perform live and the second straight year I got his guitar pic. Now this was something special because over the years I heard that back then he only threw out one pic at the end of each show! But this pic was handed to me from Carols during a guitar break in Europa and if you know Santana music you know there aint many guitar breaks…and if you know that song it’s almost all a melodic lead guitar! Anyway, during this show I gave him a jacket that meant so much to me because it came from my drummer when he was with another band called Abraxas, which was also a Santana album and Carlos picked up the jacket set it behind his Mesa-Boogie amp and then walked up to me and gave me the pic. After the show I decide to hang around by the side stage to see if he would come out and he did not…but, one of his crew came out and asked for the guy that gave Carlos the jacket…LIKE 20 people started saying I did I did I did at the same time…but then the guy said…who has the guitar pic, and it went dead quite as I held up the pic and said…I have it. He then said you come with me. The crowd made way like I was a hated king or something as I walked backstage and down stairs to a party room (which I latter got to visit myself when I got to play Blossom…ha ha) where everyone was hanging out eating fruit and drinking bottled water…sorry that’s the truth, no craziness going on at that time…so I hang out I talk to the other members of the band, I tell the bass guitars nice solo on Soul Sacrifice but no Santana…eventually I’m kind a standing around and the guy that brought me down there says did you see Carlos yet and I said no and he said come with me…he brings me to Carols Santana’s room and says here’s the guy that gave you the jacket. I’m invited in and invited to sit and it’s just me and him! He says hey man that’s a cool jacket but do you want it back…I said no and explained how much it meant to me and how honored I was if he kept it. He pics up his gray suede jacket and says “here take my jacket”…and I said no I didn’t do it for that I just wanted you to have mine…he says ok and asks me my name. I tell him Larry and he reaches out his hand and we shake and he says nice to meet you Larry what’s your last name…I say Insana and he says what? I repeat it and he then says… “Insana-Santana, now that sounds pretty cool”. We talk about everything from people to music for almost an hour! He then says I got to get going but before I do I want you to have this and he takes of this gold whistle from around his neck in the shape of a cross and puts it on my neck and says if I’m keeping the jacket you have to except this…he also gave me his home address and said please don’t give this to anyone else, which I never have…and I thanked him for his time as I left….Now this is even more of trip!!!…one year later I go to see him again at blossom but this time I only have lawn seats (general admission) so I take a pen, right down section 13 /row A /seat 23 on the ticket and right when the lights go off I run up to the guy with the flashlight and say the shows starting and I got front row seats! He lets me through, I get all the way to the front row…and the seat was empty! I show my ticket to again and they seat me and I’m there for the entire fantastic show!!!...now after the show I was hanging out by the side of the stage and I see Carlos while he’s walking towards backstage and I yell out hey Carlos and he says…”hey Insana”!...and I just about died he remembered my name…and then he tells his guys, it’s cool let him in…plain and simple.

06-09-14-My Morning Thoughts: “My Apologies”

06-09-14-My Morning Thoughts: “My Apologies” Man I’m sorry, I’m still tuckered out from re-living that Nashville trip last week all over again!!!!...man the memories!...LOL…and BTW, there were three more appointments after those appointments in Nashville but I’m just drained, maybe at another time down the road they will come out…Have a great day all…plain and simple.

06-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: More Gig Stories: #7 no real order…

06-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: More Gig Stories: #7 no real order… When we had down time or the guys were jamming with other bands or we were on one of our infamous hiatuses I would play out from time to time mainly as a solo artist. But without a hesitation the bar I played the most was a place called Quinn’s Pub in Euclid Ohio. I must have played there like 100 times if it was once! I would say in the early days this gig was special to me because the owner gave me the chance to play there so much. Now I did do my part because back in the day I started at 7:00 PM and played till closing time…2:30AM and quite often we closed the doors and played even later into the mornings! I loved it and never really wanted to stop anyway. But my personal claim to fame in this historically legendary “Irish” Pub is…one magical night when the stars must have aligned and everybody I knew must have not had anywhere else to go, I packed the place! Now this is back in the time that a shot and a beer was like a buck twenty-five. People were ordering shots that were brought out on trays like the old McDonald fast food trays!...it was insane yet truly amazing all rolled into one. I played over four hours straight before I took a break and mainly because there wasn’t anywhere you could go to get a break anyway! Couldn’t even get to the bathroom! Now don’t get me wrong, not that I’m some great attraction I’m just some guy that writes songs and can’t stop till I play every one of them!!! Anyway, the next day the owner told me I broke the record in sales that night eclipsing his St Paddy’s Day record! I don’t remember exactly but it was like just under 3K and his old record was like 2K at this time……….and this was how I came up with the words “He never got paid but he got free drinks, maybe it wasn’t the right thing to give a dreamer” in my song “Someday”…NOTE: this was the deal I made at that time, but after that night I made somewhat better deals…and that owner Mike Quinn, not only became a great friend and a supporter of mine…when my father asked me to write some country songs, Quinn liked them so much he not only hooked me up with his childhood friend the legendary music mogul Steve Popovich, he also took me to Nashville to shop some of those country songs!...now “The Nashville story”, that’s a complete other story…maybe I’ll bring that story out tomorrow…to be continued…plain and simple.

05-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: “One of my Favorite Moving Lines”

05-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: “One of my Favorite Moving Lines” “And so shines a good deed in a weary world”…just love that line and always will…have a great day all…plain and simple.

05-23-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Funny”

05-23-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Funny” Who’s to say what is funny? A movie a joke a picture, it really doesn’t matter what makes us all laugh but it unequivocally matters that we laugh as much as possible in my mind….it works for me every time…have a great safe weekend all and don’t let the bed bugs bite, unless you like bed bug bites of course…now laugh a lot this weekend it really works!…plain and simple.