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04-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: “the real thing”

04-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: “the real thing” I really like holding my wife’s hand, I like opening the door for her too, I like making sure she’s not walking on the side closest to the traffic, I like to listen to what she says, I like preparing her chair for her when we go out to dinner, I like standing up when she leaves the table…and you know why I like these things and many, many others…because she likes it too…now some may say I’m a sap…but I just call it love…plain and simple.

04-15-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Kids”

04-15-14-My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly… When I was a kid I did what kids did, I’m sure my parents did what kids did in their day too. Kids today don’t do what we did and I’m sure the kids of tomorrow won’t do what the kids did today. But ya know what…there all still kids!…and a little positive direction goes a long way!...plain and simple.

04-14-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Regrets”

04-14-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Regrets” Is there anybody regret free out there? Never made a mistake, never said the wrong thing at the wrong time, never crossed the line and never…? Well I have! It’s not that great a feeling realizing that growing up I’ve done things that weren’t even near copasetic. Listing them all would probably not be that great of an idea so I will spear the dirty laundry for you kind souls out there. Not that I was over the edge completely although there are regrets for past actions to be sure…I move forward now knowing that later actions leveled out some early actions and that those that haven’t been ‘made up for’, I’m still working on. It’s funny how youth is somewhat invincible yet embarrassing at times and ageing is somewhat humbling yet satisfying in many different ways…I’m sort of glad it works that way because I’m too old to be invincible and embarrassing these days, although I do still have my moments from time to time...plain and simple.

04-11-14-My Morning Thoughts:

04-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been laying low on the political remarks this year due to the fact that everywhere I start appears to have a poor ending anyhow. It’s said how deception, power and money lead the forefront in the political process these days. It really doesn’t matter if you’re speaking of red or blue because anyone can find an argument within your argument. And anyone can find 10 facts on the internet that prove you wrong, even if the facts aren’t facts! As long as the facade is written the right way and repeated millions of times eventually they can twist it into factual, sad but true way to often! Nobody’s perfect, however perfect nobody is because it just can’t be so………..sooooooooooooooo I’ll just roll with the punches, slip the jabs and fade in-and-out of the sunset while enjoying another fabulous day to the best of my ability…I recommend it highly…and what we do in our daily lives, make a difference, no matter how big or small…plain and simple.

04-10-14-My Morning Thoughts:

04-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: I truly believe I have the power to save the world because I’m the best looking, smartest……………..oh sorry, that’s for my personal diary…LOL!!!!!!…have a great day all, and share your greatness whenever possible, with everyone you can because I know you have some greatness to share!…I can feel it!…and BTW, its MASTERS week and I see Phil the thrill going for his 4th green jacket…can’t wait…plain and simple.

04-09-14-My Morning Thoughts:

04-09-14-My Morning Thoughts: BTW OMG BFF LOL RSVP BYOB LAMEO….EIEIO!...will there be a time when we don’t use entire words anymore?????????...10-4!!!!!...LOL…have a great day all and enjoy the sunshine…plain and simple.

04-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Numbers”

04-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Numbers” Lots of 4’s in this date today. Not big on playing the numbers thing but I might just play some 4’s tonight? Or maybe a combination of 4’s or a 3 a 1 and a 4 or 12 + 1 or…see, that’s why I don’t play numbers…there’s just too darn many!!!!…plain and simple. …Sorry I can’t not say something about this…What I’m really thinking of this morning…Some time’s we (I) think way too much, I think? When I hear and see this craziness (Fort Hood) on the news, at first thought, I’m angry…extremely angry! Then I start feeling for all these families and the soldiers and what they must be going through living this madness and knowing that anyone of those solders could have stopped this early if they were allowed to defend themselves. I just can’t stop thinking about how the best trained military in the world can’t even have bullets on base yet the average citizen can get a CCW license! Now I know there’s reason’s for whatever their reason is but somebody on these bases must be given the right to protect themselves and the rest of their brother’s and sister’s! I mean just one time can I turn on the TV news at night and hear…one brave soldier stops killing spree on base by putting down would be shooter! How many of these things would happen if everyone knew you were going into a fully armed barracks with these brave expert marksman?...sorry this stuff just makes me sick

04-02-14-My Morning Thoughts:

04-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: I’ve learned that I can learn just about anything I want to, how to do this and how to do that, how to make this and how to make that, ya just about anything my little heart desirers…Well some nay-Sayers may say you can’t be a nuclear physicist Larry or you can’t be a mechanical engineer Larry or you can’t be a Indy 500 hundred winner Larry…but I just say, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe that’s not I want I wanted to be…LOL…the sky isn’t even the limit in my mind…go for that dream and capture it…plain and simple

04-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: April 1

04-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: April 1 This is a special day because we can say anything we want, to the entire wide world as long as we end it with…April Fools…watch…….the sky is falling!...April Fools…not that we should say anything derogatory or hurt anyone, however at times this day has opened things up for some great conversation that might not normally ever get started…bring people together anyway we can…start a conversation today and enjoy your family and friends, it’s what it’s all about…plain and simple.

03-31-14-My Morning Thoughts: “I got it all fixed”

03-31-14-My Morning Thoughts: “I got it all fixed” You know I’m kind of thinking this how it should work when it comes to taxes these days. First of all I’m all for the flat tax across the board. No detailed rules and regulations just one paragraph stating you made this well this is your tax. My only other line on the tax code would be this; if you give 2% of your yearly earnings to a legitimate charity you pay 2% less to the flat tax…done, so easy…and for this Affordable Healthcare, check this out…everyone uninsured gets automatically placed in this “law” through the IRS, if you filed your taxes or need government assistance then you’re presently already in the system. No website, no instructions, no more counting how many signed up…because you’re already there! Everyone that’s without healthcare presently is afforded the most inexpensive plan to start, after one year during the open enrolment you can change to what suits your needs best. Now the 30 or 40 million people that did not have healthcare…have it. The people that already had health care nothing changes unless they wish to change…why is everything so difficult?...plain and simple.