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Larry Insana / Blog

01-23-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-23-15-My Morning Thoughts: Ok I have conflict today; if you’re a religious person and pray for people who are self-claiming non-religious people do they get mad at you or will they still love ya?…I would still love ya!...have a great weekend all, be safe and cherish all brothers and sisters especially those that still believe love and peace are attainable…plain and simple.

01-21-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-21-15-My Morning Thoughts: Did you watch the President last night? Democrat , republican or independent you can’t argue the delivery, President Obama was on a roll!...now today we get to hear all the lovers and haters and fact checkers and although you may agree or disagree with the politics, you can’t disagree with the quality of style points on the delivery…at least I can’t…Props to President Obama and I hope they all can work together for the next two years because they are supposed to be working for us, correct…plain and simple.

01-20-15-My Morning Thoughts: Hit Songs?

01-20-15-My Morning Thoughts: Hit Songs? There’s probably hits songs written every day…I have written hit songs, of course the definition of the word “hit” levees something to be desired…kind-a-like, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I guess…ha ha…have a great day all…and listen to music, any music…plain and simple.

01-16-15-My Morning Thoughts: 1976

01-16-15-My Morning Thoughts: 1976 In 1976 you could say, just give me a bucks worth of gas to the station attendant! Ya gas was 59 cents a gallon…2015, at this rate we may be there again by April! Then we can say, I’ll pay for pump 7 aaaaaaaaaaaand pump 8!...share good fortune forward my friends and have a great safe weekend…plain and simple.

01-15-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-15-15-My Morning Thoughts: Some are so intelligent in many ways and some have found their expertise in their own world of life’s experiences but we all have something good inside to offer and it costs nothing…love for each other…plain and simple.

01-09-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-09-15-My Morning Thoughts: Some might remember widespread hitchhiking in the days past and that it was reasonably safe. You may also remember when cars would breakdown on the side of the road a trucker would almost always pull over and give assistance or at least other cars would stop and help. This practice is pretty much gone now unfortunately and because of the cell phone probably never coming back in a universal way as far as I can tell. But I got to tell ya as a child when we were out driving somewhere my Dad always stopped to see if he could help stranded motorist…and I always thought that it was the coolest thing ever!...that feeling of helping others needs to be passed on in different ways today but it most certainly needs to be passed on and not forgotten…have a great weekend all and help out when ya can…plain and simple.

01-08-15-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

01-08-15-My Morning Thoughts: TBT I was just thinking of this blast from the past that many use to partake in…shake hands, give your word and keep the promise…now that one needs to make a comeback!...you with me?...plain and simple.

01-07-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-07-15-My Morning Thoughts: A world without music, well let’s see; No background music in movies to set the mood, how would a musical be without music?, no commercial jingles stuck in our heads (that’s good and bad I guess), nothing but dead space in elevators, nobody whistling, no dancing to the beat (that may be good for me haha), no rock concerts, no children’s choirs, no toys with songs, no musicians, and the biggest loss in my opinion…no link across this world that helps us all join together because you don’t need to know the language to enjoy a melody…plain and simple.

01-06-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-06-15-My Morning Thoughts: I have to say this…I hope all sane people would agree that the shooting of innocent law-abiding police officers that protect us day in and day out is just horrific? You can’t be right-in-the-head if you honestly believe such acts would sway towards any kind of goodness in the world! …we must communicate with each other and demand that the leaders lead with the conviction and compassion towards “all” people…include don’t exclude…plain and simple.

01-05 -15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-05 -15-My Morning Thoughts: Did ya ever want to be somebody else? In the early years when I stumbled across the music scene I wanted to be Elvis, then John Lennon and then Stevie Wonder. As it is, I’m just me, born a Ridgerunner Pennsylvania boy raised in Cleveland that’s mainly Italian and Irish who loves his family enjoys wonderful friendships and likes to write songs every now and again…I-got-a-be-me…plain and simple.