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01-30-14-My Morning Thoughts:

01-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Poor man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be king and a king and satisfied till he rules everything”…Badlands by the Boss…now you tell me music don’t tell it like is…plain and simple.

01-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: Sin Tax!!!!!!

01-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: Sin Tax!!!!!! Please explain to me how a “sin tax” is just?...all the non-sinners out there (and I’m sure there many…NOT!) reap the benefits of all the sinners! How can that be legal, ethical or moral in any-way-shape-or-form? I am so tired of a specific group getting singled out, to pay for the stadiums and sports team needs when only the owners and teams collect the majority of the spoils! And I’m a huge sports fan! If I’m a sinner, and I purchase those commodities classified as sins, then I should participate with the outcome! Maybe I get a discount on my tickets? Maybe I get a discount on my stadium products? Maybe I get a special parking space that says sinners parking only…thank you! Maybe I don’t have to wait in long lines!...something! anything!...Or maybe they should just stop this term all together and this unjust idea of a “sin tax” and tax something that everyone uses in some kind of a flat tax across the board…like…toilet paper!!!!!!!!...I’m voting no on this proposed sin tax, could ya tell…plain and simple.

01-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Any Given Day”

01-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Any Given Day” For some reason, the way I see it, the point I’m trying to make is…there is less point than there is awareness…however it is very cold…if ya catch my drift…what is a drift anyway? Can it be caught? Should it be caught? Do I really want it to be caught?...HHHHMMMMMMM…very perplexing…I know I’m tired of drifts that’s for sure…have a great day…plain and simple.

01-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Cars so far”

01-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Cars so far” My car life from the first to last, 22 cars so far and I paid around 300 bucks for all of them until the Chevy S-10…needless to say they were mainly in the “beater” category! Chevy impala, Ford maverick, delta 88, Dodge dart, Buick skylark, Pontiac Le mans, Chevy Vega, Chevy Malibu, Chevy conversion van, Chevy Townsman Wagon, Chevy Caprice wagon…Chevy S-10, another Chevy S-10, Chevy Blazer, Dodge Mini-van, Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, Ford conversion Van, Ford F-250 van, Chryslers Town-n-country, and the last two were Hyundai’s…oh how times change…this seems like so many cars for one person, no?...plain and simple.

01-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: THE END??

01-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: THE END?? All I got to say is I’m going to be one-unhappy-camper if I get to the end of my days and don’t get that lifetime flashback thing…and it better be in HD by then!...LOL…enjoy the weekend all, and if you live somewhere in the warmer sunshine climates…can you send some sun this way…plain and simple.

01-23-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Wagon”

01-23-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Wagon” Oh ya I remember my little red wagon to be sure! It was one of the coolest things I ever got as a wee lad. However reminiscing back I think it may have been a conspiracy or something. In the beginning it was a toy but very soon after that it turned into the work horse for the paper route…I think my Dad had it all planned from day one!...thanks Dad for instilling some good virtues in me even if there were slightly devious ulterior motives attached…man, now I’m thinking about other gifts along the way…work boots, gloves, shovels, rakes, flannel shirts…ha ha…well at least I learned not to be afraid of work I guess…plain and simple.

01-22-14-My Morning Thoughts: “I got your back”

01-22-14-My Morning Thoughts: “I got your back” …This was a term widely conveyed in my youth by a few of the best friends I will ever have. In times of triumph and times of turmoil we knew we stood together without asking! It was almost like an unwritten law because you knew it to be true and the most remarkable almost astonishing thing about it…none of us ever had to ask the question…do you have my back!...now that’s what kind of period in time I’m talking about…plain and simple.

01-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: MY Presidents remembered

01-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: MY Presidents remembered President Kennedy’s election was one of the closest ever (beat Nixon by 100,000 votes or something) and besides the obvious brutal assassination JFK developed the arts & music push in schools, made the presidency seem youthful for the first time, the Bay of Pigs debacle, the space race and Peace Corps I think, he also initially started sending “Advisers” to south east Asia, his famous quote, although there were quite a few; “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”….President LBJ, I don’t know what he will be remembered for, probably the escalation of Vietnam conflict (war) which accelerated to a cultural change of anti-war protesters and a lot of people asking why, and most likely the (war) on poverty that’s 50 years old now 20 trillion dollars spent and theirs still 16% poverty…which is about what it was in 1964!!…President Nixon was big on foreign affairs mainly the China thing also a large component in the early days of EPA, “enjoyed recording things”, but will probably be remembered for resigning the presidency prior to or avoiding impeachment from office, his famous quote; “I’m not a crook”…President Ford…not sure if he had a famous quote…well, he fell down a lot and pardoned quite a few people including President Nixon!… President Carter probably will be remembered for three things in particular; the try and please everyone president (including his brothers “Billy Beer”), and the Iran hostage crisis and the enormous amount of work for those in need to this day,…President Reagan will be remember most likely as the actor who became President and the “tear down that wall thing” and something called “trickle down economics”...President Bush, the fastest War ever, his famous quote; “read my lips no new taxes” and that didn’t work out to well while running for a second term, …President Clinton, well besides being president during the economic revolution of the “tech craze” and probably one of the best speech givers ever, he will be remembered for his plentiful ‘late night work in the oval office’ to be sure, his famous quote; “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” , he was also impeached for that statement I believe…President Bush # 2, the shoot from the hip, speech gaff’s as well as one of the few times since Pearl Harbor that the country was actually on the same page and standing as one for a while after 911, famous quote; “mission accomplished” although he didn’t really say it I don’t think but it was his infamous backdrop on the aircraft carrier (hey aren’t we still at war?)…President Obama…too early to tell…I must say though, with every little spoken word recorded on video these days this does not bode well for President Obama historians at this juncture, his “signature legislation” The Affordable Care Act or (Obama Care) has been riddled with improprieties or I believe the President uses the word “glitches” to describe the roll out problems, his famous quote so far; “if you like your health care you can keep it, period”…also a pronounced orator while reading the teleprompter… any future Presidents will have a tough time for all time because the media is everywhere!...obviously all these presidents did much more than this, some great things and some not so great but I’ve been really busy so it is what it is…these are the headlines of tidbits in my mind not taken from any historical books so mistakes are inevitable considering the source…just thought you might like to know the mornings disgorge…plain and simple.

01-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: Do I know it?

01-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: Do I know it? I only know what I know which is what I’ve learned or gathered along the way in this crazy experience called life. I can’t know anything else; sure I can pretend I know things of other’s…like…traditions or cultures or tribulations but it’s just a guess…at best an educated speculation. I can assume understanding but I can’t factually state that I know it. When those “in the know” try and tell us how we are feeling or what’s best for us they can only presume their accuracy? Isn’t their conclusion based on their assumption? If they’re not in our shoes all they can possibly do is go on hypothetical’s, right?...it’s like everyone reading this right now can say they absolutely know what I’m trying to convey this morning…but you can’t be 100% because…I’m not 100% either…but I can tell you, I am a little dizzy from writing it this morning…LOL…have a great day all…plain and simple.

01-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Speech”

01-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Speech” In 1970 our teacher gave us an assignment in grade school, we had to learn the Gettysburg Address speech and recite it for class in two weeks. Well I already knew most of the Gettysburg Address and me being the young radical that I was, decided not to oblige the teacher’s request. Instead, when it was my turn to go up in front of the class I recited the Martin Luther King speech “I have a dream”…(I ripped it out of a magazine from somewhere and learned it for some reason, unknown to me why at that time)…the teacher at one point started to approach me but while walking from the back of the classroom stopped in her tracks…and eventually half set one cheek on a fellow classmates desk. I never hesitated, and continued the speech till the end as the teachers face went from red to what appeared to be genially interested. Even at 10 years old I refused to be a conformist (not knowing what that was at the time) but I declined to do what all the other classmates were doing in a young childish semi respectful…sort a way!...I did not disregard the rules to be disrespectful I just thought at the time it was different and I was different so it made sense to me…I didn’t hurt anyone…and if I must say…I did the speech pretty dam well!...anyway, I still know both speeches to this day and I still feel these are two of the most profound, meaningful and almost divinely messaged speeches ever uttered by human beings and I imagine at this point in my life I will always feel that way……I’m sure there are others just as meaningful out there…but not ‘more’ meaningful to me…have a great weekend all and don’t forget to love your brothers and sisters out there…examples go a long way…plain and simple.