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03-10-16-My Morning Thoughts:

03-10-16-My Morning Thoughts: Positive thoughts today everyone…it can make such a difference…plain and simple.

02-25-16-My Morning Thoughts:

02-25-16-My Morning Thoughts: Ain’t as much time ahead of me as compared to what has gone behind me, I hope I make the best of what’s left and treat all loving people with the respect they deserve…may your day be filled with what is virtuous…plain and simple.

02-24-16-My Morning Thoughts:

02-24-16-My Morning Thoughts: The sun may not be shining directly upon you today…but it’s still out there…trust me…and enjoy each day…plain and simple.

02-19-16-My Morning Thoughts:

02-19-16-My Morning Thoughts: I might just avoid the national news this weekend because I’ve been in such a good mood lately and I want to ride this feeling as long as I can! Have a great weekend all and be safe…plain and simple.

02-12-16-My Morning Thoughts:

02-12-16-My Morning Thoughts: I don’t need a holiday or an excuse to love my family and friends…have a great weekend all and stay safe and warm…plain and simple.

02-10-16- My Morning Thoughts:

02-10-16- My Morning Thoughts: Do you know why presidential candidates always tell us what they’re going to do in their first 100 days of office? Because the rest of the time there campaigning for re-election!...how about this, on their 101st day if they didn’t do what they campaigned for and promised us the second place candidate gets a chance at 100 days!...plain and simple.

02-04-16- My Morning Thoughts: THANKS ALL!

02-04-16- My Morning Thoughts: THANKS ALL! It’s funny growing up I was always talking about living in other times and now I couldn’t be more grateful than the family and friends I have in these times I’m living in right here!...thank you all for such lovely words and welcoming this beautiful baby girl into this world…peace and love to you all…plain and simple.

01-29-16- My Morning Thoughts:

01-29-16- My Morning Thoughts: So once again the toothpick is my newest bestest friend! My question is if I drop my last toothpick in a public restroom is there still a 5 second rule?...hahahahaha LOLOLOL…feeling somewhat myself this fine morning!...have a great safe fantastic weekend all!...plain and simple.

01-26-16- My Morning Thoughts:

01-26-16- My Morning Thoughts: “Solutions”…now you’re talking…plain and simple

01-21-16- My Morning Thoughts:

01-21-16- My Morning Thoughts: Hey does anybody know why we’re here? Right here and not over there! Because if we’re right here we can’t be over there, but is it better here or over there?... 21 days no cigarettes, I’m having a tough morning and if it weren’t for all the support I would have upped it a least another pack per day by now!...thanks all!...when does it get easier!?…plain and simple.