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04-22-15-My Morning Thoughts:

04-22-15-My Morning Thoughts: It’s a beautiful thing being proud of your children. My son Bob and his fiancée Christina have the keys to their first new house! Seems like yesterday when I was smacking his hand when he kept trying to put anything he could find in the electrical outlets!...Time surely fly’s…all the best to you two young beautiful people, Love, Love, Love…plain and simple.

04-17-15-My Morning Thoughts:

04-17-15-My Morning Thoughts: I have secrets, not many but a few and when they pop back into my head I always have to stop and say…not quite ready for releasing those…but one of these days I’m going to be like the ex-presidents and do the memoirs thing…I think for my 90th birthday would be a good time to release the ‘chronicles of Lawrence’, this way if the old gang gets offended they won’t kick my but they’ll just knock over my wheelchair or something…haha!...have a wonderful safe weekend all…plain and simple.

04-14-15-My Morning Thoughts:

04-14-15-My Morning Thoughts: So I had that biometric thing at work and all my numbers were respectable except the weight…I’m 215 pounds at 5’ 8” and the nurse said I was 40 pounds overweight and considered obese…I tried to tell her it’s all muscle but she didn’t go for that, however I did tell her that if I lost 40 pounds I could fit in my high school graduation suit!...haha!!...aint going to happen! And theeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn, the artist that I am I started thinking…if I gain just 100 more pounds or so and go on the biggest loser I could bring my guitar on the show and write some great “weight” song, get discovered drop the weight and go on tour!!!...the dream exists!...plain and simple

04-09-15-My Morning Thoughts: Under the Table …TBT

04-09-15-My Morning Thoughts: Under the Table …TBT Ya don’t hear this term “Under The table” much anymore. This has gone out of style in these past 20 years or so and is probably not coming back and that’s a real bummer because it was always nice to have the ability to make a little extra cash! I know there are still cash jobs out there every now and again but they seem to be few and far between these days and unfortunately this old term is rarely heard by these ears anymore…but I do hear the tax man over and over again loud and clear!…plain and simple.

04-07-15-My Morning Thoughts:

04-07-15-My Morning Thoughts: Next time around I don’t think I’m smoking…LOL…and this time around I’m telling all my family and friends not to smoke…please…have a wonderful day all!...plain and simple.

03-23-15-My Morning Thoughts:

03-23-15-My Morning Thoughts: Why is it that my brain keeps broadcasting stuff at night when I’m trying to get some sleep! This my friend poses some untidy mornings with meddled morning thoughts however I still have the ability to say…have a great day all…and mean it!…plain and simple.

03-16-15-My Morning Thoughts:

03-16-15-My Morning Thoughts: If money is the root of all evil then I’m pretty sure I’m non-evil…LOL…however to be so fortunate to have the greatest family and friends makes me one of the riches guys on the planet anyway!!!...the last Forbs 500 had me 3rd richest man in the world regarding the family and friends category!...haha!...time to start another week so be safe and friendly and just watch how that fortune grows!...plain and simple.

03-12-15-My Morning Thoughts: HELLO!!!

03-12-15-My Morning Thoughts: HELLO!!! I need attention! Not every day but every once in a while I need some! I can’t lie it’s always nice to be noticed and even nicer to notice the achievements of others and there’s nothing wrong with some self-esteem architects doing their thing. If we can’t tell our fellow human beings we love them every once in a while then why say anything…good morning and have a great day all…plain and simple.

03-10-15-My Morning Thoughts: health

03-10-15-My Morning Thoughts: health? So we normally need somewhat of a good reason to change our life style and it may be something bad or the fear of what may happen if we don’t change that gets it all started. Like, the doctor says your 50lbs overweight or your bad cholesterol is too high or ya drink too much or smoke too much or drink too much coffee or any number of things! Most just don’t change or attempt change without some outside force pushing us along even if it’s as small as flicking on a work out infomercial by accident on the way to the next sports channel…why though? Why would we give up this one chance to be the healthiest we can be? Why do we wait so long to start the process? Why do we walk through so much darkness before we see the light? WHY?…because we enjoy our life styles! I mean I didn’t even start feeling finite till about 50 years old or so! Ya I knew there were limits but I thought time was so far out there ahead of me that it would never get here! Man was I wrong!!! Time is faster than I ever was and I was kind-a fast back in the day I thought!!!...but these are the things we choose and there are continuously decisions made many times each day that may not be the best decisions, but there is one thing for certain…as long as you have a breath you have a fighting chance to change…and hopefully that change is for the better…plain and simple.

03-06-15-My Morning Thoughts: a hitless wonder?

03-06-15-My Morning Thoughts: a hitless wonder? I am a “hitless wonder”, hitless because I have no songs that sold 500 thousand units for that gold record status…but I am a wonder because I wonder why I still enjoy writing these songs so much. I have always believed (and this is the big ego thing I guess) that if one of my songs were ever a hit, that I would not have been a one hit wonder but may have had more than one hit…anyway, you all know me and “I aint done yet” and there might just be a hit in here somewhere…if not a gold record maybe a yellow or brown or blue or even green record…haha!!!...still enjoying the journey each and every day!!!...have a great day all and enjoy the weekend!!!...plain and simple.