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Larry Insana / Blog

09-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest Day”

09-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest Day” I think I would consider the greatest day ever in the history of the entire world to be…not one soul on the planet goes to bed hungry or scared…plain and simple.

09-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Blowing Some Steam”

09-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Blowing Some Steam” Ok, help me out here…if the conservative party claims there about family values should I surmise that the liberal party isn’t?...If the liberal party claims there about helping those who have less should I surmise that the conservatives’ don’t care? I kind a think there all about a little-bit-of- everything…but unfortunately a-lot-of-themselves, if ya catch my drift!...passing policies they don’t have to follow, very few term limits, the best health care anywhere and if by chance they forgot to pass all those bills in their favor…no big deal…the lobbyist can hold them over till the next congress!...plain and simple.

09-17-13-My Morning Thoughts:

09-17-13-My Morning Thoughts: I don’t know where to start today…I’ve been thinking about politics, sports, work and after work this morning…after work, now that’s a good thought! Some days a harder than others to get through…usually when you’re waiting for something special it takes forever to get there if ya know what I mean. Well today I have a mountain of work and when I get through it I’m going home, straight home and make some dinner for two turn on the boob-tube watch some politics on the news them some sports game and then hit the sack and start again tomorrow…pretty boring eh?...BTW, pray or happy thoughts or whatever positive method you may have that…people…stop…shooting…people…plain and simple.

09-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: WAR…will it ever end?

09-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: WAR…will it ever end? So what have we learned in our 200 plus years as a country? Well we know it’s pretty easy to get into war…although not so easy to end it, yet we seem to be in these wars more and more. It’s woefully hard to talk about this because I’ve had so many family a friends that have gone through war in the past…say…forever years and BTW I admire, appreciate and respect all for their acceptance when called to duty…Today though, what comes to mind this morning is that line from way back in history that I think H.G. Wells said…”the war to end all wars”…and how nice it might have been if it were even somewhat accurate…peace…plain and simple.

09-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: oooohhhhhh

09-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: oooohhhhhh Friday the 13th once again…anybody worried? I don’t think it has all the negative scary glamour of the old days. Superstition sort-a-died-out everywhere…except maybe, sports players. Well its probably all for the best anyway…people use to get so hyped-up that something bad was going to happen…if something bad is going to happen it will whenever it wants and I don’t need a specific day to count on! Although, it is kind a cool saying Friday the 13th still…depending how you say it can change your opinion on what the heck I just said!...everybody have a great safe weekend and if we’re all still here Monday we can talk again…plain and simple.

09-12-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest Hits”

09-12-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest Hits” What exactly is a “greatest hit”? If it’s a hit, well isn’t that already the best it can be…a hit. If it’s not a hit then it’s a miss and I never heard anyone ever say this was my greatest miss???? Although if there was a “greatest miss” category I would be a career award winning leader for sure! And you know what…I would be glad to hold that title because a greatest miss has the opportunity to someday be the greatest hit…but…a “greatest nothing” can only be more…nothing…if I’m doing my best, I already have achieved my “greatest hit”…so I try my best and the rest…is what it is…plain and simple.

09-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Happiness”

09-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Happiness” Most people are without money more often than with money, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the way it is for the most part. Very few in comparison go through life without finagling a bill here or there or barrowing money or working two jobs to catch up because that’s the few and far between. Not that they don’t deserve what they have or I deserve more because they have more than me that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m trying to say this fine morning is that we all have sacrifices and some things “will never be” for whatever reason…we need to deal with our slice of life, do the best we can, be grateful for each day and try like heck to improve on our shortcomings. I’ve made many mistakes and I’m sure I’ll make plenty more…but I keep trying! I’m not going to sit back a cry about my friends that can go all over the world whenever they want because I can’t! I’m ecstatic for them…as I should be because we’re…well…friends…and being friends wouldn’t I want the best for them as they want the best for me…I would think that’s what friends do…call me crazy but life is too short to worry about what I don’t have…I’m sitting here right now telling you that I’m very grateful for what I have…and money is not the end all…the amount of “happiness” one can hold is much greater in my opinion and it just takes different avenues for each of us to get there…some journeys are very hard and some not so hard…but the end result should be cherishing that “happiness” when it comes our way…plain and simple.

09-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: Education?

09-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: Education? I know we’ve talked about this before but man the education thing is not getting any better anytime soon! I just read the statistics regarding graduates from high school and it’s not appealing! Basically when you break it down there’s only about 30% that are actually prepared for college. What’s the deal here? There has to be a reason for stagnant and declining education right? Definitely something’s wrong? Is there someone to blame? Are we all to blame for letting it get to this point? Are we still passing students to make quotas?...all I know is that in my little world, I remember my wife and I (mostly my wife because she so much smarter) spending time with our children going over homework and answering their questions to the best of our abilities for hours if need be…there wasn’t any…you can do your homework latter, or after, or when you want to…it was do your homework first and then you could have some time for other activities! Don’t finish your homework…no other activities! This is a no brainer to me…if the children don’t learn the basics early the problem just keeps compounding itself exponentially…and then what, everything is put on the school system and teachers to try and deal with it! Aint going happen, at that point it’s too far gone to catch up in most cases. It starts at home! There I said it…It starts at home…it is only for the good of all to take the time needed to get the children started in the right direction…the parents should know the status of their children before any parent teacher meeting! If I had to find out at a parent teacher meeting that my child is failing the basics then I wasn’t involved enough…and I know everybody works and everybody’s tired and everybody doesn’t have enough time…BUT NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR THEIR CHILDREN…bardwage!...plain and simple.

09-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: “YOU”

09-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: “YOU” There is always somebody better than you…faster, smarter, prettier, taller, richer, funnier, and well…just better…but I tell you what, there is no body and I mean no body, just like you because you are unique and one of a kind…don’t forget that…we all have something to offer…have a great day all…plain and simple.

09-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Crying”

09-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Crying” I am not afraid to cry…sometimes it’s just necessary…or it seems to be. Depending on what the crying is all about it even feels good after…why is that? Am I weird? Should I not admit this to the world? Does it make me less of a man? It’s not like I cry everyday or anything…just…maybe…every other day…lol…emotions are usually better let out than kept in, from my experiences anyway…and it makes for some great songs…remember one of the best songs of all time by Roy Orbison…”Crying”…plain and simple.