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Larry Insana / Blog

11-03-14-My Morning thoughts: New Movie?

11-03-14-My Morning thoughts: New Movie? When I retire I want to write a moving called “Never Famous”…a young boy, learns how to play guitar, writes some songs and dreams of being a Rock Star. A long the way while somewhat pursuing his quest, he falls madly in love, has three wonderful children and a beautiful granddaughter and thanks god every day for the blessings…oh where oh where do I get these ideas from…LOL!!!…have a great day all and enjoy the times…plain and simple.

10-31-14-My Morning thoughts: Happy 50th Halloween Carrie!

10-31-14-My Morning thoughts: Happy 50th Halloween Carrie! Carrie, this is what you've done with your life…so far… You grew from a beautiful child to a beautiful wonderful woman. Along the way you have cared for so many and so many respect and applaud your genuine compassion. You have managed to have enduring strength in times of strife with the most gentleness of hearts few could only imagine. You have been an extraordinary mother and wife and I would be hard pressed to believe that any ever gave more. This world is a better place since you arrived 50 years ago and just wait and see what they’ll be saying after the next 50 years! Your children love you, all of your family loves you, your friends love you… and I…love you forever…plain and simple.

10-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

10-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT “Well I heard some people talking just the other day”…yes this is the Eagles song (Already Gone) that I sang when I auditioned (at 15 years old) for the band that I played in, off-n-on for the next 25 years after that!...yes that audition changed my life!...I then learned guitar, wrote some 600 songs and have friends that I’ve cherished throughout my life!...thanks guys for brining me along!...and BTW, it was a Thursday night, a school night that my Mom dropped me off and picked me up after the audition at Ricks house…thanks Mom!…plain and simple.

10-29-14-My Morning Thoughts:

10-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: I was always told (and taught) that an opening line is crucial in getting your point across and it sets the tone of the subject matter that’s about to be delivered…how’s that for an opening line? Did I get your attention?...well here it is…have a great day all and may all your opening lines be received with open minds…plain and simple.

10-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: Positive…yes!

10-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: Positive…yes! I’m a pretty big proponent of the positive thought mainly because of seeing where the needless negative thought takes us. The glass is always fuller in my mind, even if I have to get a smaller glass to make it that way! I just feel it’s all too short this time with family and friends and why waste it on negativity or on hashing out old nonsense. If there is water under the bridge, I’m thankful for the bridge! There are things I’m not particularly proud of, although I am proud of the fact, that I’ve learned that during this go around. And I will always be grateful for the “it’s never too late” expression which has giving me some time to appreciate, however slight it might be, the wisdom gained…plain and simple.

10-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: Happy Friday!

10-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: Happy Friday! One week till Halloween...the pagan ritual I love…lots of candy!!! Hey how come I still have all my teeth, well most of them anyway…I had lots of candy on Halloween as a kid…old-wives-tail I guess…have a great weekend all, be safe and enjoy your family and friend!!!...plain and simple.

10-23-14-My Morning Thoughts: An Unfinished Song

10-23-14-My Morning Thoughts: An Unfinished Song I started writing this song some years ago but never seemed to be able to finish it. The chorus was something like; “just like an old picture show, he drew first I was to slow…playing cowboys and Indians, and cowboys don’t always win, it aint no ride in the sunset friend…until the end you never know…playing cowboys and Indians”…plain and simple.

10-22-14-My Morning Thoughts: "Mount Union Champions song"

10-22-14-My Morning Thoughts: "Mount Union Champions song" Love these girls!!!!!! http://youtu.be/U869t0Gnuw8

10-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: “it never stops”

10-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: “it never stops” There is no end to worries. As a parent I’ve have worried over big things and small things and even the things I have no control over. Every child has their turn someday and I know as a child I sure did present things to worry about to my parents! And with the infamous statement of “wait till you have children then you’ll know what I’m talking about”…the cycle will continue…it’s the way it is…and really, can you blame us…plain and simple.

10-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Grandfather Worries”

10-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Grandfather Worries” I got stiches next to my eye playing with my cousin David (two years old) I got stiches on my lip from playing hide-in-go-seek with my sister (two and half years old) I got stitches stepping into a French drain with my cousin Judy (three years old) I got stiches from falling off a slide (three years old) I got stiches playing with my sisters girl scout knife (3 years old) I got stiches tripping on a curb when I was leaving a store with a six pack of Pepsi for mom (four years old) I got stiches from playing with plastic swords with my cousin Joe (5 years old) I got stiches from wrestling with my friend Andy with pocket knives (6 years old) I got stiches playing with a utility knife (7 years old)…well anyway after second grade there were many many more!...however, I’m am still here and I am still somewhat sane and I am still somewhat good looking (depending on what day it is and who you talk too…LOL) and its totally crazy looking back at this…but the bottom line is things happen and we get over it and we move on frequently laughing while looking back…The thing is, when they do happen they are traumatic at the time and “that” part of it I could have lived without…but like I said, fear not because there will be some bumps along the way that nobody ever wishes for, and as a grandfather I will be there to protect from all of this because I’m wiser to how accidents happen and as you can see…I have some experience in knowing, what not to do!…plain and simple.