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12-03-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: Ok, 6 days after thanksgiving and I’m still full!!!...I can’t help it cause the gas prices are so much lower I aint walking anywhere lately!!!...I need a long walk in the woods!!...plain and simple.

12-01-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: I was just thinking (don’t laugh) about how much we tend to forget about our life over the years. I mean every once in a while a thought pops in your brain that you totally forgot…and…its back! Why did it come back…I don’t know. Did something you were doing bring back a recollection…I don’t know…the funny thing is a lot of these past memories either are better than I remember them or worse than I remember them depending on the incident. I know that some of the good things I’ve done in my life aren’t as good as I think they are now…and of course some of the bad things weren’t as bad as I remember them either…I just think it’s funny that all this information is sitting in there just waiting for something to set it off so it can come out all over again…I just hope there isn’t a reincarnation process cause the guy that gets stuck with my brain is going be like…what the_________was this guy all about!...have a great day all and IO hope all your memories are good ones…plain and simple.

11-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving!

11-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I just love to enjoy the family and friends and remember all those that came before me that helped make me who I am…and of course the foods going be pretty good today too!!!...plain and simple.

11-26-14-My Morning Thoughts: “glass houses”

11-26-14-My Morning Thoughts: “glass houses” You know the old saying "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"…maybe that’s how we do it, only build glass houses from now on!...then everyone’s susceptible to everyone else’s situation and maybe there would be more thought, before one acts?…plain and simple.

11-24-14-My Morning Thoughts:

11-24-14-My Morning Thoughts: So here we are again, starting this wonderful week! I don’t know how many times I regretted Monday’s but they do seem a little easier now that I have a granddaughter…have a great week all…plain and simple.

11-21-14-My Morning Thoughts:

11-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Is there really ever the most important thing to do…most things are important or we wouldn’t be doing them. Sure there are priorities here and there but it all has to get done eventually…I think? I’m pretty sure the list my better half gives me needs to get completed in its entirety…and the order, seldom matters…haha…have a great safe weekend all and hope your warm…plain and simple.

11-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

11-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT Politics are easy, it’s the compromise and principals that gets them confused…since it’s Throw-Back-Thursday how far can you throw a politician?...never mind I’m not going there…have a great day all, enjoy the best things in life!...plain and simple.

11-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: “First’s”

11-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: “First’s” Why are first’s in lives always seemingly so important to us? A first tooth, a first word, a first step, a first day at school, a first kiss yes all these wonderful firsts should always be celebrated to be sure. But I would think the second tooth and that next step and the second day of school and that second kiss should be equally significant because that’s when the confidence of knowing…begins. I mean when you first ride that bike without training wheels or without your dad holding the seat running next to you it usually ends the same way…falling! But that next time you get up and know that you can do it and guess what…you do it without falling!...ya firsts are sure fantastic but there’s a certain flare of savwafaire that comes with knowing and I’m going to enjoy firsts seconds thirds and on and on and on…especially cause I’m a grandpa now…plain and simple.

11-17-14-My Morning Thoughts:

11-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst…oh why oh why is this still true today!!!!!!...how bout, improve the present so we can live in harmony…come on people get together, if not for us…for the children…plain and simple.

11-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Veterans Day!

11-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Veterans Day! I have so many family and friends that have served and so many still serving to protect our freedom’s…I wish I could say this more or in a way that it means as much as it does to me…thank you all for your sacrifice and service and it will never go unnoticed in my life!...plain and simple.