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02-05-15-My Morning Thoughts: TBT…please!

02-05-15-My Morning Thoughts: TBT…please! Even though I would love to just go back to last Thursday because of the way I feel there’s still one person that would like to go back even more than me I bet…and his name is Pete Carroll…plain and simple.

02-03-15-My Morning Thoughts: “nick names”

02-03-15-My Morning Thoughts: “nick names” I think I’m changing my name to either Buck Lowenstein or Buck Highlighter for the day cause I would like one of those cool nick names like B-Lo or B-Hi…not quite sure yet which I shall choose? Well since I’m one of the shortest of my friends I probably should go with B-Lo…BUUUUUUUTTTT I am one of highest people on life so maybe I’ll go with B-Hi…LOL…tough decision this morning…have a great day all and B- safe…plain and simple.

01-30-15-My Morning Thoughts: education, education, education

01-30-15-My Morning Thoughts: education, education, education We are ranked like 29th compared to the rest of the world in math, science and reading! The public schools in our country and mainly the inner city public schools are failing! There are now 300 children on waiting lists vying for “each” available spot trying to get into Charter schools in this country so that means 299 children are not getting in!...If our children do not have a solid education there’s very few that can change their plight on their own! Don’t blame the teachers because generally it has nothing to do with the teachers, it’s the system! The ones who choose to educate need the tools to do so and that means every tool possible made available to them in every school!...now I know this next line will piss off a few friends but discipline needs to make a comeback too! There’s just too many young people today that could care less about teachers, schools, neighbors and it’s seems like life in general!...You can’t teach if you fear and you surly can’t teach those who are willing to learn when you have no power over the disrupters! I got slammed up against walls, swats, detentions with clean-up detail, erasers and books thrown at me and yes I hated every second of it but unfortunately deserved it 99% of the time! And like I have said in the past, I never did the same thing wrong twice, so I did learn something it just took me a little longer I guess. There’s no harm in being made a fool sometimes and learning a little humility goes a long way! Did discipline get out of hand at times, I’m sure it did but I’m also willing to bet it was a minuscule amount of times relatively speaking!...anyway, education is the key and especially the early years for it is those early years that so much good can be learned and so much bad can be curtailed…plain and simple.

01-28-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-28-15-My Morning Thoughts: Most of us have been to a funeral and it’s so weird when they become closer and closer together. In the beginning they are years and years apart but as time moves on we grow older and…well you know the rest. The irony of it all is that sometimes it feels like your reward for living a little longer is watching those you love go before you…oh man forget this post its way to dark for this beautiful chilly Cleveland morning…I must of have had a bad dream or something I’m going for a coffee refill…enjoy every moment people!!!!!…tell me something happy today…plain and simple.

01-27-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-27-15-My Morning Thoughts: What makes a winner a winner, winning right? Not always in my book because you can lose and still win! What the heck am I talking about…I’m talking about those that give 100% and may not hoist the trophy or get the best job or have framed accolades everywhere but never look back because they know they gave all they could…that’s also a winner in my book and sometimes the best winner of all!…cheers to the winners in life who are winners because they never give up and they always play by the rules!…plain and simple.

01-23-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-23-15-My Morning Thoughts: Ok I have conflict today; if you’re a religious person and pray for people who are self-claiming non-religious people do they get mad at you or will they still love ya?…I would still love ya!...have a great weekend all, be safe and cherish all brothers and sisters especially those that still believe love and peace are attainable…plain and simple.

01-21-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-21-15-My Morning Thoughts: Did you watch the President last night? Democrat , republican or independent you can’t argue the delivery, President Obama was on a roll!...now today we get to hear all the lovers and haters and fact checkers and although you may agree or disagree with the politics, you can’t disagree with the quality of style points on the delivery…at least I can’t…Props to President Obama and I hope they all can work together for the next two years because they are supposed to be working for us, correct…plain and simple.

01-20-15-My Morning Thoughts: Hit Songs?

01-20-15-My Morning Thoughts: Hit Songs? There’s probably hits songs written every day…I have written hit songs, of course the definition of the word “hit” levees something to be desired…kind-a-like, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I guess…ha ha…have a great day all…and listen to music, any music…plain and simple.

01-16-15-My Morning Thoughts: 1976

01-16-15-My Morning Thoughts: 1976 In 1976 you could say, just give me a bucks worth of gas to the station attendant! Ya gas was 59 cents a gallon…2015, at this rate we may be there again by April! Then we can say, I’ll pay for pump 7 aaaaaaaaaaaand pump 8!...share good fortune forward my friends and have a great safe weekend…plain and simple.

01-15-15-My Morning Thoughts:

01-15-15-My Morning Thoughts: Some are so intelligent in many ways and some have found their expertise in their own world of life’s experiences but we all have something good inside to offer and it costs nothing…love for each other…plain and simple.