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01-20-16- My Morning Thoughts:

01-20-16- My Morning Thoughts: The time of your life should never be measured by time. A period of time or stage of an interlude can be most rewarding when you pause and share the goodness along the way…have a great day all and be well and be safe…plain and simple.

01-12-16-My Morning Thoughts:

01-12-16-My Morning Thoughts: My open-minded views on certain things and old-fashioned views on certain things appear to be meeting more centrally lately. I’m one of those people that want all to be veraciously perfect with the universe and though some say it’s naive to think that way…I still believe there’s always a chance to be better…it’s in each and every one of us…plain and simple.

01-08-16- My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that sp

01-08-16- My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly People, if you sleep under a bridge or under the roof of a penthouse the reckoning is no deferent because we all count in the grand tally…while you’re out there having a fantastic weekend, love your brothers and sisters…all your brothers and sisters…plain and simple.

01-06-16- My Morning Thoughts:

01-06-16- My Morning Thoughts: Thank you one and all for your wonderful words of encouragement! In my experience I find that the most positive/confident things in this world are also the most everlasting and you my friends forever prove me right time after time!…have a wonderful day everyone and thanks!...plain and simple.

01-05-16-My Morning Thoughts:

01-05-16-My Morning Thoughts: Ok so I stopped smoking cigarettes on New Year’s Eve. It’s no big deal I’ve stopped before and I realize the odds are against me but I try. The last time a stopped I was 37 and didn’t start again till I was 45, now starting up again at that time was a really STUPID MOVE! Anyway, I’m trying my best and if I succeed or not I still love ya all…but the question is if I don’t succeed will you still love me?...LOL…enjoy the day all…plain and simple.

12-31-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-31-15-My Morning Thoughts: Tonight we will be moving gracefully into 2016. Some of us may have friends and family over to bring in the New Year together. My question is when that clock strikes midnight and everyone is hugging and kissing are we supposed to kiss on the lips? What is the protocol? Is there a protocol? I sure would like to start the new year off right! Well either way have a wonderful and safe Happy New Year and I wish nothing but the best for all!...plain and simple.

12-28-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-28-15-My Morning Thoughts: Wow that was one great Christmas weekend!...now I just have to try and be the best I can be like its Christmas everyday!...plain and simple.

12-21-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-21-15-My Morning Thoughts: My dreams are still very present in my life even at this age and really the only difference is physical ability. Back when the dreams started I couldn’t afford them and now I can probably afford them but lack the physical ability! Is someone playing a joke on me????...LOL…there’s always room for your dreams even if it’s just a portion of a dream…enjoy the journey everyone starting with this new week!...plain and simple.

12-18-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-18-15-My Morning Thoughts: There’s really only room for one type of folks in my life. Folks that care about all the other folks that care about all the other folks that care about all the other folks…have a fantastic safe weekend all!!!...plain and simple.

12-15-15-My Morning Thoughts:

12-15-15-My Morning Thoughts: Some say it’s easy and some say it’s tough. Some might have said I wish it would have been a little easier and some might have said it wasn’t quite tough enough…for me I say, it’s just right. If it’s all handed to ya it may be hard to keep yourself grounded in life. If the moon is too far to get to in a lifetime then you may need to shoot for the next horizon over the mountain instead. Either way, with life’s ups and downs the constant should still remain the same, do the best we can love each other and try to leave this planet a little better than we found it…plain and simple.