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Larry Insana / Blog

02-08-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: Cleveland we have a problem…there has been a decline in the population in my wonderful city of Cleveland over the last…say…30 years or so. There are several reasons that may have energized this but no need to harp on that. I just wanted to say that Cleveland is a cool city and has taken some bad raps through the years. So the river caught fire 40 years ago…so what! It’s happened elsewhere but I never hear international jokes about their cities!...so we let a football team slip away that now has TWO super bowl trophies…so what! Other teams have moved with success!...so one of the best basket players took his talents south and now has a championship ring!...so what!...players leave!...all I have to say is I’ve been to other cities and yes some have some bright things to offer…but I’ll tell ya right now…Cleveland is making a “comeback” in every sense of the word!...don’t take my word for it just come check it out for yourself…I’m amazed at all the building and renovation going on…Cleveland is cool…and not just cause I live here either…although, that could be part of it…LOL…have a great safe wonderful weekend all…plain and simple.

02-07-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: Can you solve this little mystery for me? What makes something more special or more…let’s say…popular…than something else? When we see a picture we like and then find out no one else likes it…were we right or are they wrong? When we hear a song and we like it but then after hearing it a million times we are not sure why we liked it in the first place. Did we get a little brainwashed on the millionth play and then finally after time, just lose interest? I’s just a mystery to me because sometime I wonder if things are liked just because everyone else likes the idea and it snowballs, hard to tell I would imagine…it is sort a peculiar that as individual as we all are…we’ve all done this in our lives…the glorious mysteries of “fad” I guess…plain and simple.

02-06-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: Thinking about heat right now!...Did anybody ever leave their albums in the car to long on a very hot sunny day? Man can you say warped! I use to try and play them anyway and watch the stylist go up and down while it went round and round…this is definitely a “my generation” thing I would imagine cause I don’t think you can play a warped CD or warped digital iTunes…plain and simple.

01-28-13-My Morning Thoughts:

01-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: Years ago lots of the slogans or sayings were worn on our jeans or jean jackets in the patch form, you young ones might not remember these but some of you out there surly will. Don’t eat yellow snow, no nukes, grass gas or ass know body rides for free, make love not war, green power, and of course the forever prominent PEACE sign…I miss those patches…things do change throughout the years but who cannot agree with the peace sign patch and how modest and cool it was… (is)?...PEACE…plain and simple.

01-25-13-My Morning Thoughts:

01-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: It’s snowing in Cleveland and its cold…unless you just moved here from Florida…it is what happens in the winter in the north! But that-a-side, can anyone tell me why the only part of my windshield wiper blade that always freezes up is the section that’s directly in my sight of vision! It matters not of any car I’ve previously owned...it’s always the same spot!!...how can it possibly know how tall I am??????...plain and simple.

01-24-13-My Morning Thoughts:

01-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The hard is what makes it great”…one of my all time favorite lines in the movies! Baseball fan or not, it’s accurate. Are there any team sports that an individual can achieve, only 33% of the time (say hitting 3 for 10) and be considered one of the best?...there probably is but is still hard to do…plain and simple.

01-18-13-My Morning Thoughts:

01-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: Enough with the gun control politics already! Is it totally gun control or lack of it?…I highly doubt it…would any sane person wish “senseless killing” on anyone…that would be just insane, no? Unfortunately there is no “fix all” at this point, sorry that’s just my view…responsibly and realistically isn’t it people control, self control, compassion control, parent control, mental stability control, lock up your weapons control, spend time with your family control and the like! Any weapon, used to senselessly kill another human being, is an assault weapon in my mind…period! I’m not sure anything can stop and insane gunman except for maybe…a sane gunman…however, I would add that if there weren’t any guns or weapons ever invented some people would still be insane and some would still be sane, ya know?…I know several people that can kill without any weapon by just using their hands…I would assume that a reasonable person today realizes that we can’t get rid of all the weapons that can kill. Sure would be nice if nobody ever needed-em for protection…however that’s not the case now is it...we may not be able to ban everything (and I’m sure that would be the only answer…just us and fig leafs)…but if we could remove every object on this earth that could be used to kill, we would still be left with some crazy people, would we not? A great portion of the problem is deviant, unexpected, out- of-the-norm behavior…and that’s a tough one to completely eradicate…but…we are able to report things out-of-the-ordinary so hopefully they can be dealt with before all the craziness breaks out…we all need to stay alert of “our” surroundings and be as safe as we can within our part of this puzzling and frequently troubled world…stay awake…speak out…be involved…make a difference…it takes a great deal of good to triumph over a small amount of evil these days…or so it seems like anyway…let’s be good today with our eyes wide open…plain and simple.

01-17-13-My Morning Thoughts:

01-17-13-My Morning Thoughts: Thursdays are kind a cool… if ya get through another day you made it to the weekend again…and that’s usually a good thing! The world is yours for…love, skiing, boats, cabin get a way’s, 5 star restaurants, chuffers, private jet to anywhere,…oh wait, that’s my next life…but I’m still not going waste this life by waiting around…go out, have fun and try to be kind to as many people you meet along the way…plain and simple.

01-07-13-My Morning Thoughts:

01-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: Not to sound like a baby-boomer radical peace and love guy, which is what I always wanted to be, by the way…but to me it seems like the “Lack of Love” is where we lose perspective these days. It’s not that hard to smile once-in-a-while say a good morning now-and-then or at the very least acknowledge-the-existence of our fellow human beings! Should this be so difficult? Is this beyond our macho sense of self? Is demoralization of “OUR” society more fun than a party with friends? I think not! Can’t speak for everyone but I’ll take real friendship, positive interaction, and a good old fashion constructive conversation (even when I’m wrong) anytime…day or night…plain and simple.

12-31-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-31-12-My Morning Thoughts: This year is almost over. It’s been interesting to say the least! With elections, weather disasters, acts of heroism, evilness, and a shade of hypocrisy that we overcame…I can only hope that whatever good we’ve managed to cling to makes for a better tomorrow… ”trying-to-be-better”…that’s my new non-one-word-mantra for 2013…everyone please be safe out there and watch out for the other guy even if he aint watching out for you…plain and simple.