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09-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: “old things”

09-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: “old things” So many of us treat their old stuff like precious gold…old toys, old books, old cars, old pictures, old furniture, old fishing poles, old boats and just about everything you can think of is cherished from one time to another…just don’t forget the most precious old thing we can ever have…those that have come before us!!!...let’s not forget to treat them like precious gold too…plain and simple.

09-15-14-My Morning Thoughts: Peace is not fleeting…

Isn’t there a difference, while acting on your constitutional rights as peaceful protesters, standing up for beliefs, distinguishing the madness of injustice…and/or the destroying of public property, private property and infringing on others safety?...why must there be the goodness of innocence eradicated to prove a point that needs to be proven?...stand strong, speak loud and show the violence that the power of peace will prevail…I know it’s easier to say than do but I had to say it!…plain and simple.

09-12-14-My Morning Thoughts:

I wonder how many people that were teenagers between 1965 and 1975 would still be talking to each other today without the media world. I mean before the tech world most people would stay in touch with their “best” friends “somewhat” but what about all those “good” friends that we might never have heard from again? Ya we probably would get to see them at one or two of the reunions but other than that, not much. Life is tricky and the tangents are vast and with one step, here or there, you’re off on another one and before ya know it, it’s another decade gone by. Anyway, for me I’m very grateful to have the chance to catch up and see what all those nearly 1000 high school graduates and the 50 that didn’t graduate are up to….I’ve had the pleasure to see a snapshot of their lives and laugh a little and cry a little and just be there a little. In the big picture it’s probably not on anyone’s, most important thing in my life list, however it is kind-a special just knowing you’re out there to share some moments…and I thank you…plain and simple.

09-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: …13 years…

If some people would only realize what this world could be…plain and simple.

09-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: The Wire…not the show LOL

09-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: The Wire…not the show LOL In my younger days we use to braid telephone wires and make them into bracelets and necklaces, I guess it was cool then around the old stomping grounds of Thomas Jefferson Elementary and then Shore Junior high. Anyway, between the school and our willow arms apartment’s there was a row of factory type buildings along the way. Me and my two old oldest friends in the world decided to hop a ten foot fence at the old Ohio Bell truck storage place and hit the dumpster for left over wire. Well in the middle of the dumpster diving the garage door from the building starts to slowly open, we start running for the fence, climb over and hi-tail-it for the railroad tracks! Almost home free when I hear…help! I look back and my one buddy is hanging upside down from the barbed-wire fence. His bellbottom’s got stuck on the way over and he couldn’t break free so I had to make a split second decision…I look at my other friend and he looks at me and I say we got to go back. Now we know if we keep going they never catch us once we hit the tracks, but we ran back as fast as we could ripped the bellbottoms free from the fence and our friend fell on us and to the ground. At this time the door had risen and a guy walked out noticing all the commotion and began calling us, quite forcefully! We took off for the tracks once again but now as the three best friends, all together! The guy chased a little and I’m pretty sure he knew who we were, looking back now, because we were always playing around those buildings anyway…anyway, we didn’t get caught that day and we never did that again but we really never had to because a few days later while I was walking home from school, that guy sees me and comes out the front door of the shop and grabs me and says…”hey, tell your friends that if you kids stay out of the dumpster I’ll give you kids all the old wire you want cause I just don’t want to see anybody getting hurt back there”…man I thought he was going to drag me home to my parents, but not the case, I did what he said and consequently we became the wire suppliers of Thomas Jefferson Elementary…what a great world back then!...and BTW, happy birthday Andy D. …plain and simple.

09-09-14-My Morning Thoughts:

09-09-14-My Morning Thoughts: We were just talking about this at a family get together…you go to the grocery store and spend like 70 or 80 bucks and you walk out of there with like one little blue bag!!!!!...it just don’t go as far as it use too…plain and simple.

09-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Roll On Down the Road”

09-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Roll On Down the Road” “There’s a lot of life left in me and you’re the only girl that I want to see but there’s still a lot of things that I love along the highway. Its’ a country boys dream to get out on the road play all night with the rodeo and stop in every honky-tonk I see”……………………this song I did finish but I just remembered it last week when it was requested at one of my shows an I haven’t played it since I shopped it in Nashville in 1985ish…to no avail BTW…I can’t believe I remembered all the words…the brain is a mysterious thing sometimes… plain and simple.

09-05-14-My Morning Thoughts:

Each day I wake, as if the new day will be magically new. No wars, no fighting, no poverty, no deceitfulness…just, togetherness…I will each day, hope that this is that day!... enjoy the weekend all…peace…plain and simple.

09-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: The Best Years?

09-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: The Best Years? Is there a time or place in life when you start to think that the good years might have passed you by? I mean I know I’ve gotten a little slower and my hair has been gone for…well let’s just say I haven’t had to shampoo my hair in 25+ years! And I forget what I think I use to remember, and I bark at my dog sometimes when he barks at me!...and ya I’m going to be a grandpa very soon!!!...come to think of it, I’m starting to think the best years are yet to come!!!...plain and simple.

09-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: YES!!!!!!

09-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: YES!!!!!! Well……..the bet was 100 people, he said 20, I said 100, sooooooooo…I won the bet yesterday, called the music store and repairs are going forward!!!!!!...many thanks to one and all!!!...have a wonderful day and I owe you all a banjo tune…plain and simple.