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Larry Insana / Blog

12-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

12-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT There are very few times in a man’s life that he feels ‘completely’ satisfied of his accomplishments. There are tons of accomplishments when you think about it but the biggies are far and few between. I wonder what my big accomplishments would be if someone else was reviewing my life’s experiences? Would they pick the same ones as me? Would we be totally out of sync? Would I be reminded of what I’ve forgot? I don’t know, but I am so very grateful for what I have…plain and simple.

12-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Wednesday”

12-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Wednesday” What does hump really mean? Do we really have to climb over some hump somewhere? It’s hard enough just to get to work everyday and now I have to get over this hump somehow…”Hump Day”…that’s a weird name for Wednesday…well here’s anticipating your day of humping moves smoothly everyone…plain and simple.

12-16-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-16-14-My Morning Thoughts: How many people do you think we meet in our lives? I’m thinking it’s in the thousands easily give-er-take. Did you ever try and just remember their names and count them? I’m guessing you would be so surprised if you just sat down and started counting! Before you know it a hundred turns into a thousand and you probably can keep going from there! All I know is that if ya had a party and everyone you ever met returned the RSVP with a yes, that would be one hell of a party to be sure!...and BTW, I like parties…have a great day…plain and simple.

12-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Did You See That…or did you miss it?

12-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Did You See That…or did you miss it? Some of us spend way too much time looking to the future that we see right past the present…breath people, take it all in, we are not everlasting we are just on loan…trust me on this one and enjoy the day…plain and simple.

12-10-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: If your around my age when you were a toddler and you stuck metal toys in the outlet you probably got your hand slapped…when you’re 7 years old and drop the f-bomb in front of your mother and your father you probably got your butt slapped or soap for dinner…when your 12 and you talk back to your teacher you most likely got some detentions…when your 15 and got caught drinking you most likely got suspended from sports and grounded forever, well it seemed like forever…when your 17 and the police pull you over for speeding, you stop, do what they say, and get a ticket…and when you get home you get driving privileges taken away…when your 19 years old and get into a very loud heated argument with your father and say things you never should have said and it just breaks your heart that you said them…damn!…………………Appreciating later, that everything you got caught doing wrong you were punished for back then…nevertheless, eventually learning the lessons of right and wrong, respect for authority, knowing limits, and hopefully realizing that the learning never really truly ends if you’re lucky!…well that’s pretty darn special to me if you fell into any of these categories because at some point, the realization that those that love us, took the time to raise us and that should always be remembered…plain and simple.

12-04-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: When you’re lucky enough to grow old (and it is luck) and start counting things that you’ve done at least hundreds of times…and then you get even older and you count things you’ve done at least thousands of times…and then you get to the point that it really doesn’t matter how many times cause you can’t count that high anymore anyway…now that’s living baby!...have a wonderful day all…plain and simple.

12-03-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: Ok, 6 days after thanksgiving and I’m still full!!!...I can’t help it cause the gas prices are so much lower I aint walking anywhere lately!!!...I need a long walk in the woods!!...plain and simple.

12-01-14-My Morning Thoughts:

12-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: I was just thinking (don’t laugh) about how much we tend to forget about our life over the years. I mean every once in a while a thought pops in your brain that you totally forgot…and…its back! Why did it come back…I don’t know. Did something you were doing bring back a recollection…I don’t know…the funny thing is a lot of these past memories either are better than I remember them or worse than I remember them depending on the incident. I know that some of the good things I’ve done in my life aren’t as good as I think they are now…and of course some of the bad things weren’t as bad as I remember them either…I just think it’s funny that all this information is sitting in there just waiting for something to set it off so it can come out all over again…I just hope there isn’t a reincarnation process cause the guy that gets stuck with my brain is going be like…what the_________was this guy all about!...have a great day all and IO hope all your memories are good ones…plain and simple.

11-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving!

11-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I just love to enjoy the family and friends and remember all those that came before me that helped make me who I am…and of course the foods going be pretty good today too!!!...plain and simple.

11-26-14-My Morning Thoughts: “glass houses”

11-26-14-My Morning Thoughts: “glass houses” You know the old saying "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"…maybe that’s how we do it, only build glass houses from now on!...then everyone’s susceptible to everyone else’s situation and maybe there would be more thought, before one acts?…plain and simple.