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Who knows? When I'm not a superstar, internet famous, cool DJ known by the name of LewisLace I'm a classically trained singer who studies music at a university. Last week I was given the opportunity to travel on a 3 day tour with the choir and it went very well. Highlight of this trip was a performance at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Discovered a variety of interesting things about how far my talents can take me and the skills I possess. Recently I've gained even more opportunities by shopping my music and personality around. Getting featured on a award winning blog and being offered to travel to about 9 states that want to be introduced to my sound. It's a very exciting time in my life. All the effort I put into my work is being noticed which is what I've always wanted, just to be seen. I'll continue to keep creating, connecting with people and who knows.. Maybe these wild dreams of mine will come true

work for the money?

It's may and I skipped April's blog update because i forgot about it and so whatever. Now it's the summer and I'm still working hard. Already released a new I think 2 new blends since the last entry. "Waka on Wax" is incredible. Came out of left field if you're not used to blends and cool little remixes like that. Then I did a blend with Major Lazer's new tracks which was cool too. Now I'm working hard to get out in the air. Clubs around here are so behind the times and still stuck on top 10 nonsense so I'm over that but I'm gonna make my own way. Been fun so far and holding down the No.1 spot on here is no problem. Talk to you later.


Just added Twitter onto my growing list of web networks to manage now I have 6. Going 48 hours long into ideas for new mixtapes, networking, gaining knowledge of the area and a bunch of other best business award winning projects. This life is made just for a strong willed, professional like me and I'm not worried about the future because somebody will see me soon.

Month 1

Just over a month since I have presented this talent to the world. Been hearing good feedback from the people and looking at some bad stats every once in a while but that doesn't matter. Long as I keep things fresh and regular I'll stay moving up!


One more week until the big day. Looking forward to seeing how well this track list goes and getting some of the eq along with effects use worked out. Gonna be some good times in the studio


Every night for hours I'm lost in the vinyl and blogs looking for the freshest new music. This lifestyle is definitely for me