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T-Shirts plus The New jakesgorilla.com!

Hello out there!

We wanted to let you all know that jakesgorilla.com is now up and running! It's a little bit of a work in progress because we wanted to try to build it ourselves and low and behold... we're not exactly web designers.

But it was fun doing it. We'll redesign it at some point, but for the time being checks it out!


You can also now order an official Jakes Gorilla T-shirt on the site. We don't have many left right now so the sooner you order the better your chances we have them in stock. Chris designed them himself and they were printed by Dead Seagull Clothing (friend of ours who makes awesome prints that you can check out over at here http://www.deadseagull.com)

If you want a shirt they can be ordered at http://www.jakesgorilla.com/store

So we hope you like the site! Let us know what you think!

JG out!


Hey ya'll, Bobby here... In case you were wondering why the show was cancelled tonight at Wonderbar it's because I had to go and seriously mess up my eardrum. Which eardrum you ask? Twas my left... why does that matter? It doesn't. Just thought you might be curious. So I was at the gym Tuesday doing decline bench press when something popped in my ear and an intense ringing began. I plugged the ear and we practiced the next 3 nights, but it got worse and worse. I woke up Saturday morning and could barely hear anything over the ringing. However, as an ironic compensation I've had super sensitive hearing at certain frequencies! It's not as cool as it sounds though. Instead of hearing things miles away it's more like if I put a glass down on the counter or someone sneezes my whole head rattles and it feels like a razor blade is being driven into my ear hole. But hey, that's life... I saw a specialist today and found out that I did NOT rupture my eardrum, but damaged my "hair cells" which essentially modulate high frequency sound waves so they don't damage hearing and also contribute to actually hearing those frequencies. I have hearing loss of higher frequencies which may or may not return [ it will ; ) ] and I was told to avoid any kind of lifting and noise for the next few weeks... So that sucks, but what can you do? JG will just have rock back with some pent up aggresion... I want to apologize to everyone who was planning on coming out tonight. We were really looking forward to playing. I promise not to do anymore decline benchpresses and we'll make it up to you all come July 20th at FirstEnergy Park. Rock on... -Bobby

JG Back on The Radio!

Friends! Hey! Hi! Well hello... so it's official. Jakes Gorilla will be back on WMCX 88.9 FM Monmouth Radio Wednesday, May 8th at 8pm. This time it will be the full band playing instead of an all acoustic thing. If you missed that, Chris and I played as Aaron couldn't make it. Chris tore up the djembe and we jazzed the songs out a bit. Some people have been asking about the last song we played, called "Ten Thousand Degrees". We'll be releasing it in the future so be on the lookout for it if you were one of those people. in addition to that we'll be playing the Jersey Shore Music Festival July 20th at First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ along with a TON of great bands including The Tribal Seeds, AER, River City Extension, Brick And Mortar, Only Living Boy, The Blind Tellers, Julian Fulton and The Zombie Gospal and a bunch more. Make sure to contact us ASAP for discounted tickets for this! Send us a message or send an email to jakesgorilla@gmail.com That's all for now. Can't wait to hang with Lyss Buccerii on WMCX on the 8th! Tune is or stream at http://wmcx.com/

CD Release

The CD is now available! "Nice Job Of Disturbing The Peace In The Park" is now available via download at http://jakesgorilla.bandcamp.com and you can grab a hardcopy of the CD for a limited time at our shows! We're glad we can finally get the CD in your hands! thank you all for your support!


JG News!

Hey guys! We're still making headway on the album. It's coming along well, and we hope to have things wrapped up with the next couple months... On another note, Jakes Gorilla will be playing at the New Meadowlands Fairground with our good friends Kings Highway for the NJ/NY State Fair --- Friday, June 22nd, opening night. It all starts at 8pm and the music will be going all night! We're really stoked for it and hope to you all there!


Recording update

Friends, fam, fans etc... What's up! It's been a while huh? Just wanted to drop in and give you guys a little update on our recording status. We're banging away at it and should have this EP done soon so look out for it! We're about wrapped on another track we laid down with Submergent and are in process of getting our 4th done over at Sweet Beef Studios. We got all of the instruments down yesterday afternoon along with a lot of impromptu additions/changes... and so we'll be going back in for vocals ASAP! so keep checking on our sites for updates and hopefully some new video uploads. AND DON"T BE BASHFUL ABOUT SHARING OUR PAGES WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS!!! Thanks for the support guys! - JG

Another J.G. snow show!

I haven't paid attention to a weather report in a good 6 months. So I can't say what today's future holds, but from the looks of the white stuff falling from the sky it looks like we're gonna have an interesting time at The Claddagh tonight! Bring your snow gear and be ready for a post-rock snow ball fight... Should be a fun night full of acoustics, JG rock, and some Phish covers by Aaron and his friend Serge ripping guitar and singing. We'll be recording right before hand and practicing before that. Gonna be a packed day of music for us! The EP is coming along and should be in your hands in the near future!

Hope to see you all out tonight!



Thanks to everyone that came out to The Saint on Friday! It was a great night with great bands! Wish we had more CDs to give out to everyone and hope whoever got them enjoys the track! Look out for the EP in coming months! -JG


What up friends, Bobby here... Tomorrow is gonna be a megatropolis night!!! Were pumped for the show at The Saint! I for one have never played there so Im extra excited for it! ...Random thought in the middle of typing... This blog format wont let me use apostrophes and Im kind of enjoying the freedom. I think I might boycott the use of the apostrophe after this experience. I suggest you all do the same... Anyway, we are stoked! We get to play with 4 other AWESOME bands in Kings Highway, Distant Enemies, Weathered Sol and The Amboys! Hope to see you all there! BTW, as promised we will have CDs of the "Angel Wings" recording we just finished for all who bought a ticket in advance! Til tomorrow...