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I'm going fricking crazy trying to fill out the state of Wisconsin nonprofit forms with different advice given from two separate nonprofit lawyers. WHY SO MUCH paperwork just to try to help people. On top of that, while I’ve gotten more really great Warrior Songs performances scheduled I’m receiving an award at the 2012 Veterans Administrations National Arts Competition in Boston on October 14th 2012, presenting at 8th Annual Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Training Conference in Wisconsin Dells on October 23rd, speaking and performing after a screening of “On The Bridge” at The Linda WAMC Performing Arts Center on November 15th 201, and performing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston December 16th 2012, as well as solidified dates in Allentown PA and New York (again) with details pending. In all Warrior Songs has $1200.00 in plane tickets which won’t be reimbursed until after the performances as well we need $500.00 for the Boston trip yet, for hotel, $400.00 for Huston, each flight is $50.00 to check bags, guitar, and cd for a total for a total of $500.00. Include shuttles and food and you’ve got another $500.00 for a grand total of a shortfall of $1900.00. The IRS is currently working on our application but are only to November of 2011 and we filed in March of 2012. Why is it SO HARD to help other people? I’m back in graduate school at UWM for Nonprofit Management fulltime and Sarah (my wife) is pregnant. So now I have to send out a plea for donations again and that makes me mad. You can make a tax deductible donation at http://www.warriorsongs.org/fr_donate.cfm I’m going to take an hour off for deep breathing. Lord give me strength.

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