Hood Sessions EP Review by Meredith Nussbaum

Mint State’s new EP, Hood Sessions is a thoughtful observation of the different relationships we are capable of having with music and with each other. Through their cohesive sound, undeniable rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, Mint State has created an EP that refuses to passively heard, but must be listened to with all of the attention it deserves.

The first track, “Far Away” pulls in the listener with a straightforward chord progression and drum beat. Throughout the track the guitar and drums subtly become more complex. The bass in this track adds a wonderful feeling of depth and complexity without drawing away from the rhythm and nuance of the guitar and drums. The lyric “She starts to speak no sound at all,” really captures the idea of the futility in trying to maintain a relationship that is already breaking apart.

“Attention” explores a grave subject matter paired with an infectious rhythm. The beat propels the track forward through the sense of the endless repetition of that is so pervasive in warfare. The difference between the verse and chorus is particular pointent. The verses trudge along steadily while the chorus comes together in way that feels a bit chaotic compared to the rest of the track. It mirrors the way, in war, how there is seemingly endless marching interspersed with the chaos of battle.

In “Radio” the walking bass line is simply excellent. This track has a “feel good” vibe that instantly draws the listener into its feeling and message. This song makes you feel the music, in the way the lyrics describe the how music can draw you in. This track really gets the best of you.

“Stay Lit” narrowly takes its place as my favorite track of this EP. With light drums and instrumentation this track seems to float just within reach. The vocal harmonies add a wonderful level of depth to the song, a thoughtful choice considering the song is about a musician’s relationship with creativity. It has an overall positive feel, though there is a certain feeling of longing that pervades the sound of this track.

Overall, this is EP is a wonderful experience that deserves a thoughtful and undistracted listen. The lyrics are wonderful to sing along with, the bass is delightfully nuanced without drawing attention away from the sound of the guitar pulled together with a great rhythm and beat. The end result is a seamless sound and feeling that forces its audience to pay attention and consider the world around them.

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