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WIll Sapp

If you have not had a chance yet check out the Effingham Magazine article and photo spread on our drummer will on Facebook or pic up your copy locally

hard at work

getting there a couple more solid practices like we had last night and we will be back on track for our goal which is to keep fresh new songs coming to force down your throat live mix it up throw in some covers, and when it come time to release the complete album we will have plenty to choose from and keep tucked away as well. we have all been in previous bands but none like this one and with all of our experiences along the way we seem to be finding all the right moves to "not" make as well as carefully thought out proactive group decisions to better the band. its not hard to lose all your hard work and have to start from scratch in this business so a strong foundation and communication is the key, we couldnt do it without the fans nor would we want to thanks and STAY TUNED!!!


were in the writing process right now and we will be out on the circuit again soon we had a few up and downs in 2012 and didnt play as many shows as we would have liked to with the line up changes we went through, but rest assure we are full force now with a committed line up and new material in the works as well as a couple of covers in the mix. Stay connected, stop by reverb or facebook, drop us a line let us know how your doing we love our fans and cant wait to see all those familiar faces soon. -Thanks again from the entire band and production team, we couldnt do it without you.


hmmmm this is a huge maybe, status's are bad enough