"The Life" by: Joe Little III

Just in deep meditation and thought today after losing Michael, Whitney and so many legends and fellow Music Industry and Entertainment compadre's .We must know God chooses and sends certain people here to this world for a purpose and we owe it to GOD, Ourselves and the people of the world to take care of ourselves so we can be here for the people to deliver what GOD has Blessed us with, the people really need us, We envelope, influence and touch lives rather it be thru song or on the screen acting. Yet we do have the media which is a double edge sword that we depend on for survival, due to how it lifts You up to the Highest high to sometime seemingly immortality and in the same stroke tear you down under the ground and continue after your passing, it is a situation that should be handled as in the old quote “it is what it is” or “expect the unexpected”. Some entertainers whine and cry about the media and the fans having them under a microscope,We as entertainers have to know this is what we signed up for and have to know going into this type of life what comes with the game and the negative temptations that awaits. The examples are there before hand through the lives of others that have open the doors and paved the way us. We as entertainers and even athlete’s grow up as children to teenagers Idolizing legends emulating them and wanting to make it to the big time. We Pray, hope and wish for someone to believe in us in hopes of one day making it to entertain millions and make millions of dollars. Myself and all of us sometime fall short in some way or another off the path that GOD has chosen for us , He gives us the power to choose how we will travel the road, and some of us fall prey to the demons that are sent our way as a test and lose sight of the big picture. If You cant grow and prosper at your trade with the majority of positive change opposite of the negative, why do what you do? What type of appreciation are You showing GOD and "The People" that depend for their thirst to be quenched, with knowledge,to be inspired or to even be led. It is our duty thru the divine Blessing of God to be role models and let others know that how we have been Blessed the same or better Blessing are there for them, I wonder how many people have heard the sound of my voice and what I have sang about and have been touched? ~ Joe Little III~

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