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Collaboration with Felix from Heiruspecs!

We are excited to announce that Felix, emcee from Heirupecs, is collaborating us on a track called “Head High”. He came into the studio, relaxed and pumped to get working. His voice just fit in the song so good it felt like I was listening to a band I have always loved! This guy is talent right there. I can’t wait for this song to get out!

Here is a sample of the the tracking process that night!


The Blowout Rehearsal!

We had a rehearsal at Johns house without any vocal mics. Here is a taste of what went down. Recorded and edited with an iPhone.

Justin on drums, Tony on bass, John on lead Guitar (not shown because he is so mysterious) and Paul on guitar and “silent” vocals.


Studio – Tracking Bass with Tony

We had Tony Renaud come in to track bass for the EP. We had an electrical hum coming from the pickups and has to do some surgery to get rid of it. Tony had to set up the bass. Then Dan came in to help and messed with the bass but they couldn’t find where the hum was coming from. Eventually it was “grounding” issue, so we decided have a wire connected to bridge of the bass and the other side of the wire attached to Tony’s skin by his pants. So that method of fixing the grounding issue eventually got the name “Butt Plugging”.

Tony came in the studio and dominated the tracks with his creative ideas and skill set! Big Up’s to Tony!


In Studio – Mineapolis, MN

I have the privileged to work on this record with Dan Deurloo, who worked with bands such as Epic Hero, Brandon Heath & Mercy Me. We have had written a total of eight songs but chose six to represent “The Blowout!” for the EP. It’s a real exciting time for me because I have primarily have been drumming the last 10 years for bands in the Twin Cities. Now, I have started banging it out on the guitar. We have tracked all the music now and I have been working tirelessly on vocal melodies.

I have also been working with a killer live band: John(guitar), Justin(drums) and Tony(bass). They have help shape this project to what it is today. John and Tony are featured on the EP.

Here is a preview of us tracking with Dan! Enjoy!

~Paul, The Blowout!