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We got more fans than we have song plays. What's up? ..... In my mind I thought this would be a place for like minded musicians to get together and play some shows. However it seems like a lot of fake "you fan me, I'll fan you" type of shit.

The songs on our profile aren't the greatest representation of what we sound like. They're kinda old and not great quality,but if you like punk...rock...whatever check us out and fan us or recommend us. If you don't like us ...don't like us.

Every musician or group would like to climb to the top, but you don't have to push people down on the way up. A music scene gets more attention then a band of assholes. Anyway...the point of this post is .....don't be fake. Help your fellow musicians out and create something bigger than yourself.

I know I went off on a couple different tangents here,but i write as thoughts come to me..

-joe bass player extraordinaire


We're currently practicing for a march show. We got our old/first drummer back and we're breaking him in. A few covers and a few originals, and hopefully a big party!! Stay tuned for show info.