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NEW Solo EP (Piano/Vocal)

The main songwriter and inspiration behind the modern blues band the dark blue matter Jerome Batson will release a solo EP titled: Hand me down blues in June 2015.

Three original songs exploring themes old and new:

Two Minds: About the conflict between modern life and technology which encourages us to be self-focused, in freefall orbit of a virtual world with the resulting loss of individuality and self-worth. What gives?

Hand me down blues: The essence of songs by the dark blue matter is that they're written about right now! In many ways it has never been a better time to live, in terms of science and technology, culture and entertainment, travel and leisure (business and politics are notable exceptions here). Generally speaking the combination of all these things has improved our professional effectiveness and quality and enhanced leisure time. But the price of a happy *now* is that we've somehow lost touch with simple and often more important things, and a proper appreciation of those who helped us reach where we are - giants upon whose shoulders we stand. This song is to their homage.

Island Inspired by the famous words: *‘No man is an Island...’ and ‘...for whom the bell tolls’ There has perhaps never been a time of such stark differences between the lives and quality of life of different people. Not only in so-called advanced economies, but also the chasm or catastrophic difference between these countries and less-developed countries, this song tries to remind us of our shared humanity.

*John Donne (1572-1631)

Hand me Down Blues: The complete EP is available to listen on you tube.

Thanks for your time!

The Olympic dream

Personal thoughts on the Olympics:

What makes the Olympics special? It a culmination of years of work, dedication and sacrifice, the event horizon where the line is drawn between a dream and reality.

What is so special about the Games? Let's take the case of football, the only other high profile sport that can be reasonably compared to the Olympic Games. Football tournaments are basically won by the players and their coach or manager. They do it mainly for themselves, and their own selfish glory... oh yes and for their club, it's fans and supporters. On the whole it's a parochial achievement. Add to that, the fact that in this day and age the strong mercenary element that exists in the game; footballers no longer work and train just for the love of their sport, they do it primarily to be able to sell their arms (or shooting foot) to whichever billionaire woke up that morning with the bright idea of owning a football club.

Olympic athletes also in some sense act selfishly (selfishly getting up to train at 4-5am come rain, shine, snow, or glorious dewy morning) quite possibly still at it while football athletes are still partying and drinking in a nightclub with mirrored walls and deep blue carpet. Olympic athletes on the other hand have no billionaire club owner waiting in the wings to make their every dream come true, to being paid telephone number salaries. They achieve their dreams through self-reliance and a selfish dedication to their cause. This is why they are deservedly much more adored and admired

Of course at some level we all of us wish we had the motivation and discipline to do what they do; to reach the dizzy heights of human performance, but the reality is we don't. But watching those who do have the strength and the courage to devote themselves so totally, is something in which we can all share.

What is so special about winning at the Games? And why does an Olympic Medal mean more than simply Gold/Silver/Bronze?

That special moment in which an Olympian wins a medal (shade or colour is not important) marks the pinnacle of a sporting achievement, the moment summarises years of work, effort, dedication, and sacrifice, and no doubt failures and success... So they win a medal. But in that moment we also feel we've also won (something). Whether or not we are aware of it, we somehow all share and carry the weight of the Olympic ideal, it's part of what it is to live, breathe and be human. So when we watch an athlete's medal winning performance, we feel uplifted; because in a very real sense we all win. It's the embodiment of John Donne's words in his famous For whom the Bell Tolls Meditation where he says: 'any man's death diminishes me'. The other side to this coin is: any man's (or woman's) noble achievement is also mine.

Taken to it's logical conclusion even the athletes who are not in the medal placings, or who feel let down or out of touch of the medal positions are also in a very real sense winners.


LIVE Show - Bull and Gate

It was a real pleasure to play our first gig of 2012 at the Bull and Gate, Kentish Town Road yesterday evening (7/4/2012). Arrived at the pub at 6pm thinking we'd stepped into, a parallel universe inhabited by people with long hair, and tattoos, wearing leather and assorted anarchist paraphanalia, Turned out this surprisingly good-humoured, lager-fuelled gathering were there for a metal 'Fest' taking place next door, at the rather more famous – HMV Forum Kentish Town - the Bull and Gate merely acting as the warm up watering hole. We made our way to the venue at the back of the pub, and waited to sound check with the 2 other bands on the bill, On Air and White Heath, more on which later. Sound check was routine, played through our favourite warm-up song (Another World) and just because we like to play - the ballad - Next to You. Then waited... for about an hour... and a half... anyway here's the song list from the gig: (Song from) Another World Roll Your Own Drunken-hearted Boy (blues) Bad Afternoon - solo piano/vocals Next to You Falling for Reason Key to the Highway The songs comprised a mix of songs available to hear at www.darkbluematter.com: Another World, Bad Afternoon, new material Roll Your Own, Next to You, and Falling for Reason, and blues gems, Drunken-Hearted Boy and Freddie King's Key to the Highway. We filmed the gig and hope to put the best bits on the website or youtube soon... Appreciate the support of everyone who came along especially our drummer's crew Monika, Corey, and Andy, and of course the guys in the other bands: On Air (facebook.com/onairofficial) and White Heat (www.glasshouse.whiteheathmusic.com) for your genuine and warm support. Special thanks to the guys at Symptomatic (Matt/Gavin) for putting on a great night! And was up to us to make it sound tight but we needed (sound engineer) Arron to made it all sound right, thanks mate for a great job. Look forward to doing it all again soon. Cheers Jerome www.darkbluematter.com

Where it starts.. the intro....

This is indeed where it all starts! Welcome to The Dark Blue Matter blog, I'm Jerome the keyboard player, singer songwriter, promoter, and doer of everything else less glamorous for the band. Thanks for finding your way here, to the first ever blog entry... Like everyone else in this business, we have plans for the year, but what it all comes down to, after we've done with the talk, is getting out there and doing the WORK! But first some background... I formed 'the dark blue matter' a little over a year ago, as a kind of kick-back to the days when music was inspirational, exciting, and meaningful. And above all where artists wrote and performed songs whIch expressed their ideas and honest feelings on anything and everything. Be it the dizzying heights of human achievment to it's ailing, failing weakness and downfall. It was not so long ago that music brought to us rather more than pontificating, never-played-a-note TV shysters spoon-feeding us their vision of... the next big nothing. When exactly did we exchange talent for celebrity? OK that's the rant done with... back to the business. We're currently rehearsing a winning hand of original songs, with a smattering of classic blues covers) to get out and play. In the coming weeks we will be showcasing the songs at venues all over London. Please check out (Song From) Another World on this site and visit our web site: www.darkbluematter.com where you can support the cause by signing up on mailing list. Please feel free to email me (address is on the website) In fact it would be great to hear from you anyhow, anywhere. Incidentally while stocks last, we're giving away a free mp3 download of (Song From) Another World to anyone: signing up on the web site, ' liking' what we're doing on facebook, or becoming a ReverbNation fan. Just include your email address in a short message and I'll get that across to you. Also everyone who has expressed some fanship before our next recording (this Spring), will receive a free mp3 of the track. Happy listening... Jerome www.darkbluematter.com