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It's not every day that you find an artist who has no gimmicks and is playing no games. I mean sure, I guess it's all a game if you want to be a dick. But what I'm referring to is somebody who is giving it away. A free gift simply because the artist understands that charging you for it or conning you into it would just be a vile addition to an already self centered media. I think a good artist will simply give you a piece of art and try to be honest. Honesty with yourself as an artist is probably the biggest challenge of making something exceptional. Certainly all art is misinterpreted by almost everyone that enjoys it. Whether this bothers the artist is another matter. I think simply offering yourself honestly is one of the most interesting things to hear in music today. Yet, pushing the envelope in sound and technical imagination is just as important. I think if an artist can find a middle ground and rest there, there is no ignoring it's mystique and power. Appreciate this

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