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Radio, YouTube, Shows, Oh My!

So it's been awhile since I have updated you all. Sorry, I have been a busy little bee. As many of you know last month I auditioned for The Voice, made it to the second audition, but wasn't what they were looking for. Was still a great experience and was a great excuse to escape to Vegas for a day or two.

Also, my song, "Piano Strings" is airing on the Lopsided World of L for the second time! Such an honor to be a part of his show. You can view it's current airing schedule for this weekend here on my show listings. Working on getting my little song on some other radio stations locally.

I have also started a little project, where I am making YouTube videos of me learning new songs, my home practices, etc. So check back often to see my latest video. I have been working on some new original material as well, so if you're itching to hear them before my next show, please send me a request! I am currently booking shows for the rest of the summer, so stay tuned for new showdates and new venues for me soon!

As always, thank you all so much for your continued love and support!

3 april

radio, here i come!

so on may 24th my song will start to make its way around the world and to your ear drums! it will be debuting on the lopsided world of l- www.jlradio.com- which is broadcast all over the world! i am very excited and very thankful for this. i hope you all can tune in and listen. for more details please see my facebook page: www.facebook.com/aprilannemusic

thank you, april

the first of many...

last week i finally started recording my album, thanks to the amazing jason levine, of opm productions. we recorded piano strings, one of my latest songs, and one i'm very proud of! please check out the unofficial version of this song, as we are still doing a little tweaking to it (and possibly also doing a remix of it!). stay tuned for new recordings! also, i have a very special show on april 30th at the sail inn in tempe. since this show is the day after my birthday we did the only logical thing, and made it into a birthday party! so let's party like it's 1981!

thanks again everyone for your love and support!

3 april

sleep is for when you're dead, right?

wow, so far 2013 is keeping me wicked busy! working hard on my music, have some new songs in the works. also have a backing band supporting me on some upcoming shows, so you'll get to hear what it sounds like with a full band! in addition to that working on some songs with an amazing local band (it's a secret, i wanna surprise you all!) and on top of all that, i'm now the keyboardist in 49 til midnight! i'm a busy, busy girl now LOL i've been hitting a lot of open mics and have some very cool shows coming up! so stay tuned!!!

look out 2013!

already making arrangements to record my album, so very excited for this!!!

the first, of many shows to come in 2013, will be january 4th at the big fish pub in tempe, az! i'll be opening the show at 7p. i will have some new songs that i wrote during my break. i can't wait to perform them for you all! if you'd like to snag a ticket, please let me know! they are only $10 and in addition to the live original music i'll also be baking cookies to hand out as a thank you to everyone for their support! in the meantime, i'll be hitting random open mics, so stay tuned! (=

a break before a bang...

as you all have noticed, i've had to take a break from the scene since the beginning of september. not to worry, i'll be back in the new year! working on new songs and hoping to get into the studio and start recording my album. look for lots of action in 2013!

well that was...interesting...

so sunday we went in to start recording our album... everything was going great...until we plugged in my keyboard... after 8 beautiful years, stella (my keyboard) is dying. it's heartbreaking to me. i'm going to see if there is a way to fix her, but it's not looking good so far. so after a few hours and some emergency phone calls we were able to borrow one for the day. sadly after is said and done we just have a little piano recording of solace on the beach and some unfinished drums. aside from that we did have fun in the studio. just bummed we really weren't able to record anything.

and now, a little shameless self promotion... WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! if you would like to help us get me (april) a new keyboard you can send or give us a donation. even pennies help us get a little bit closer!

thank you all!

xo april

time to record...

tomorrow we go into the studio to record our first album as a band. this will be my first time in a recording studio and i am beyond excited. i've been on vocal rest since yesterday, and let me tell you the moment you can't be loud or sing that's all you want to do, but i'm being a good girl and staying quiet. (; not sure how many songs we will get through tomorrow, but to be honest we are more concerned with quality than quantity. we are also hard at work in getting our logo made, setting up shows, etc. we will be taking this week off from performing at all, since i'm probably going to loose my voice tomorrow. but we will be back with a vengeance that following week! being the uber dork that i am i'm probably going to bring my camera and video camera to record some behind the scenes footage! so stay tuned!

xo april