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Forward me hearties

Got a bunch of nice shows coming up. One with the v cool multimorph, in a space rock solstice shindig. and then some more... more to the point, theres a new sound, dense harmonied psych folk focused, less of the gruff vox. Still, this is the sound i always wanted at last, though it might be less popular and attention grabbing. peace

Feature act shows coming up

To celebrate my new recordings and to warm up for some planned shows I'm doing some feature sets at some city centre open mics.

Theres Don Quixote (link below) on the Feb 8th at the Barley Mow, and Hub open mic on 28th.

These generally involve playing a longer set, sometimes 6 songs, but in the past ive done a feature thats been an hour and a half


In other news, there was a scar faced fox on my garage roof last weekend!