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I'm looking forward to the next studio session!!! Coming soon!! NEW SONG!! Cool me down!!!


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I'm looking forward to the next studio session!!! Coming soon!! NEW SONG!! I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!!


My family history begins from my great-grand mother & father in Sweden, in a small famous town with talented artists, Ann-Margret was the first lady who went to Hollywood aswel as legend Elvis Presley. In the past generations, my family have moved countries from Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Belarus to USA. I am greatful to all of them especially Belarus, where i have always loved and had great memories. I love to walk on the beach in miami and sing. Once a producer heard me sing and invited me to audition WMA Label at Miami Beach Recording Studios. After, I realised I had an opportunity to start a new life. I woke up in another world, modelling shoots, recording songs, concerts, dating and socializing with different artists. It was my dream to be noticed, I became part of the WMA label family. I signed contract with WMA Label Now everyday I get different offers from composers & artists for all different events. I love everything I do, love singing my songs, love my time in the studio, I love to wake up to the view of the ocean, I love the sun,I love to sing for you all, I'm so happy! I can't imagine my life without music, without it, life wouldn't be the same. Trust in your self and dreams will come true! Be famous, Be rich and Be happy! With love Kate-Margret. God bless YOU


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Music defines me as a person. To me, music is an out of body experience. It allows me to go places deeper than my dreams can take me. It fills my body, soul, and mind and is an escape from my own reality. It paints the pictures in my world and mind. Music is the rhythm in my heart beat.


Coming soon!!!! New amazing song by Kate-Margret!!!! Stay Tuned!!

I love this

Your lips so warm , But still you got me shaking inside , Your touches are freezing , And my body's on fire !! My new song!! I love it and him