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New Recordings

OK, I have been messing around a bit with some new tunes. Working in my home studio space and comming up with some pretty cool stuff. However, putting it down on the computer recording software that I have is no fun. I just cant seem to get use to combining the performance with the button pushing. I end up with something that sounds like me, but just isn't quite me... So, I am off to the real studio. What I have planned is this; a completely live recording through the equipment I use to perform live... Basically, giving the engineer my left and right sends from my board and playing my songs... Effects and loop pedal included. So, the end result will hopefully be a true representation of my performance. The last recording I did felt too, I dont know... "not me"... Many have told me they like it, and I have sold a bunch of 'em, but I just dont care for it..... I am hoping this will be different.

New Solo CD

1-22-12 Have been in the studio (Green Mountain Studio in C/S, CO.) for about a month now. I like the songs I have written/chosen for this project. Proud of the writing that went into them and mostly happy with the performances. Although two of them have not turned out as I wanted. I played them a bit too hard and with too much gusto. Also, I get carried away, as they say, with my vocals.I tend to "let it rip" and although that may be ok when performing live, it kind of doesnt work in the studio. So, I am not jumping right to releasing this CD. I will be re-recording a few in an effort to make the best representation of myself that I can. What I mean by this, is that I dont want over-exertion on my disc. What I want is the song to speak louder than the performance. I think re-recording these tunes will be for the best and that friends and fans will appreciate it. In my heart, I feel it is the best thing for the record.