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Work In Progress

Got Two Major Projects In Thee Works.. Crazy & One Of A Kind. To Stall The Impatience Of Em I Soon Put Out Hip Hop Pt.2 Sequel EP. To Keep My Listeners Listening. & Anticipating

Then Dub Thee Debonair Is Here!!!

Then Dub Thee Debonair http://www.mixtapefactory.com/Then-Dub-Thee-Debonair.html

"Then Dub Thee Debonair Out In 15mintues !!"

The 2nd solo mixtape by Gazbe Debonair dropping 04/20/12. you get to hear the Debonair as more versatile, unique & lyrical & more of Gazbe..

Welcome To Debonair Music

Everyone Nice To Know You Take Interest In My Music I Appreciate It As Well As Appreciating Your Support So Continue Checking Out My Music