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Band Camp Artist page!

#iflo~lyrics my most favorite track is available on bandcamp.com It's about war and peace the music is great, by r.johnson. The sound and the lyrics are easy listening and captivates the hearer. http://ladymackdafloetess.bandcamp.com/ lyrics on page 32 in my new book www.createspace.com/4035871

Believe In Your Self

#iflo~lyrics If what you do is unique then be yourself. Some times You are not singing that song or speaking that poem or spoken word for you , it's for someone else. You are a voice for someone else who can't be heard or can't find the words to say it. peace

new book

#iflo~lyrics http://www.createspace.com/4035871 " A Kiss" Oh sun you kissed me over and over salvation truly is my favor-excerpt from my new book pg 48

open minded

be open minded! A narrow minded person cannot see beyond there own negativity.


i'm working on this new track and it is soo good to me right now. will keep you posted on when it's going to be ready for sale.


it's going to be a great year! dream big , !God is big

November 20th New York on the list

I love going home to NY! a wonderful trip and a week off from school.

Nov 18th Women's Revival

Sundays' event was awesome!!! we went out to eat. I gave some of my jewelry away to some of the women. we all had a choker that was very different sorry no pictures of that wonderful lunch we had afterwards, you just had to be there to see the fun

Paintings by lady mack da flo~etess

I've started painting again and loving it. So when i'm not photographing , I'm painting.