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Blue Plasma Orb

Sally Go Down is a terrific tune! Great production as well!

Mikie Campro

Sally Go Down and Road to Calais...Really enjoyed your tracks...great tunes and vocals and guitar work...great sound and well done tunes

Guillotine Necktie

Hells yeah, Cheers forsure this sounds a good one


brilliant songs-top band

Ethan k Bernhardt

Hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for the great comment. I like your sounds too, especially Oaths of Love. Best to you, Ethan/INtramentalist


Very nice folk...best wishes from Hamburg Gottwald

Webbs Place Project

Hello, You have a great sound! Completely enjoyed it. And thank you for listening to my tracks. Be sure to keep in touch and all the best. Stay Grindin...PeaceOut

Noottee Girl Neha


David Maguire

Hi Guys, love what you do! David

Chuck Ochs

Mellow sound