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No apocalypse? Then on with the show!

Phenomenal new artwork is on the way. It's amazing the contacts and friendships that can be made when you simply reach out. We're looking at some incredibly interpretive work from Eerie Canal and a total transformation from Jason Wettstein. Further on in the month, we've got a long anticipated project coming from Meaghan Dunnham of Dunnamic.com. All outstanding talents in their own right and each looking to spread word and presence of Armored Theory in ways we'd not even imagined until now.

New material and upcoming studio time

The tracks just keep adding up. A Fact You Cant Deny definitely set the stage and made a statement, but we are by no means slowing down. Be on the ready for tracks such as Press, Wendigo, and Skeleton of the Outside. Metal, attitude, and aggression; just the way we like it.

Been too long

We've been too quiet on here, and as it turns out, Metal is not silent. The release A Fact You Can't Deny is getting its album artwork put together by none other than Amanda Folse DeVille photography. Some of the sickest artwork I have seen in a very long time is coming from her and everyone will soon see it on display. We're really looking forward to cutting this EP and of course its big-brother follow-up. releasing the album itself! Rock on!

A Fact You Can't Deny

After long hours in the studio, Armored Theory has released A Fact You Can't Deny, the band's first EP containing four original tracks. The EP starts off with 'Epic (So Metal)', an instrumental odyssey that introduces you to the band and what we're about. The second song, 'Ockham's Messer', is undeniably the fan-favorite of the EP, combining gritty vocals with clean and fast pased aggressive drums, bass and guitar, making for an incredibly fun experience. Track 3 is a reprised 'Gingerbread Man'. Track 4 brings the story of Wild Bill Hickok to life with 'The Dead Man's Hand', a churning combination of riffs with signature vocals throughout, paralleling his experiences with our own lives. Please enjoy this release! We have been looking forward to getting this out to all of you for a very long time and now the wait is over! I-tunes carries it as does amazon, spotify, rhapsody, reverbnation (streaming only). Thanks for all of your support and rock on!

To the Studio!

Armored Theory will be recording 4 originial tracks with Brickhouse Recording Studio of Norfolk, VA. Dave Rodd and ElyMonster arrived today to set up the drums, sound test them, and get a feel for the studio. Look forward to Amanda Folse DeVille snapping several shots throughout the process and a completely sick ass product by the time we wind up. Mike and Ed from Brickhouse are setting us up for the metal you guys crave, so by all means, let the games begin. The tracks that are on the docket will be 1) Epic (So Metal) 2) G.B.M. 3) The Dead Man's Hand 4) Ockham's Messer As soon as the finished product is out, it'll be made available to all of the Armored Ones. Keep an ear to the ground, or rather, an eye to the screen. Updates to follow as they become available. Rock on!

Venue 112 Live & Epic

Awesome response from the crowd last night a Venue 112 in Virginia Beach! It looks like the band will be hitting the studio full-force to record their originals 'Ockham's Messer', 'The Dead Man's Hand', 'Epic (So Metal)', and a polished version of 'G.B.M.'. Covers last night included Holy Diver, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Psychosocial, Bodies, Cowboys From Hell, 5 Minutes Alone, Master of Puppets, and Anyway You Want it. The crowd wasn't satisfied with the amount of time we had planned to be on stage, so it turned out some encores were in order. Coming right up! We brought out Whole Lotta Rosie and closed the night with The End of Heartache. Photos of the show and band coming soon!

Armored Theory plays Virginia Beach tonight!

The foursome meet yet again to bring metal to the masses. With a revamped setlist featuring even more original material, will anyone be able to survive their own headbanging? Pictures to post soon following the show courtesy of Amanda Folse DeVille photography.