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Tour is fastly approaching. We are down to our final weeks and final preparations are taking place. What will this tour have in store for us. Lots of new faces, souls saved bonding time together.

Cross Contry Tour

Hello all we are prepped and ready to go on our 11th annual "Taking Back Our Streets" cross country tour. We will be leaving July 6th from Sacramento, CA and returning July 26th. Bakersfield, Vegas, Phoenix, NM, Houston, Dallas, Alabama, Florida, Bahamas, Kansas, Portland, and other surrounding cities! Catch us in a city near you.

Taking back the streets tour

Hello everyone. We are geraring up for our 11th annual "Taking Back Our Streets" tour. Some fun and exciting things are happening for us this year. Our new project "Still Standing" will be out soon. We have also recorded and released our first music video entitled "Everything Will Be Alright". This year we have beefed up our staff and would like to welcome to the crew our manager Damion Saunders who will take care of our booking and other needs. We hope to see you soon in a city near you!

Follow Us

This coming Sunday follow us to San Francisco as we take back the streets. We will be singing at several services as we gear up for our summer tour!