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About My Music

Each of these songs has some inspiration or reason for existing. Here is some info about each.

AESTHETIC - This was a section from music commissioned and written for a Modern Dance performance called Aesthetic Athletics. The choreography came first and I wrote the music while watching a video of the dance.

ASIAN ESCAPE - I had been listening to Peter Gabriel and I was inspired to do work with unusual sounds and textures. It took years going through numerous versions until I finally got my vision realized.

AWAKENING - I was inspired by new age music. It has had several titles until I found the right one.

BACK AND FORTH - This was also commissioned for the dance Aesthetic Athletics. It has some interesting counterpoint that goes along with team sports.

GAMES - I enjoy playing with multiple tempos and time signatures. This was mostly input manually on the computer using a technique called step-time which became the working title for quite some time. Eventually I realized that it reminds me of the emotion "games". Games, as an emotion, is light, fast moving, getting a lot done quickly and having a great deal of fun.

MYSTERIOUS FUTURE - This music reminded Susan (my wife) of some mysterious music she heard in a movie. So the working title was Mystery. I thought about that and I realized, "What is more mysterious than future events?". Most of us cannot predict the future and what it brings therefore the title.

NOW - This short song has a rock feel with a lot of power.

SPRING MORNING - I do most of my writing on a MIDI (digital) piano and computer. I was playing around with bell and flute sounds. This inspired me to write this Asian influenced music. I have a particular warm feeling for Asian living and people due to my many past experiences there.

SUDDEN SUMMER - This was commissioned for a dance done by a Modern Dance choreographer. Like all the music I have every written for dance, I watched the movement on video and then composed the music to fit the dance. The dance is about a menage-a-trios which becomes very heated sexually. The music is influenced by Philip Glass.

THE EMPIRE ENTERS - There was new age and classical influences in creating this music.

URBANITE - This was written to demo my abilities at writing music for corporate videos and commercials. I took a beautiful video, erased the existing music, and wrote my own. This is a reworked version of the original composition, arrangement and recording.