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CSEJTHE`s 2nd full length album "Réminiscence" will be released april 15th on CD and DIGITAL. Expect nothing less then 8 tracks of quality epic medieval black metal from Québec.

Hereby we reveal the album artwork along with a preview track that is now available for listening !

Right now we are also working on new merchandise. More infos and possible pre-order options will be posted soon.

Preview track from the album on youtube: http://youtu.be/iPIsSJ9c1ns

New album coming soon!

Eisenwald is proud to announce that we signed a deal with Quebec band Csejthe, and going to release their upcoming 2nd album entitled "Réminiscence" on a worldwide basis. Be prepared for brilliant epic medieval black metal ! More infos and release details will be revealed shortly.

Csejthe is the name of the castle in which Countess Bathory brutally tortured, humiliated and murdered hundreds of girls throughout her lifetime. This project has grown from the ashes of a brain that was fascinated by the lady we know as Erzébeth Bathory. Over time, this fascination has become more and more likely to be called a fanatic orgasm. Feeling the need to praise her life through music, the creative core took a genuine spiritual turn so occult spheres of a long forgotten past could be reached. Ideas and creations came from the vault to tangible presentations. To fulfill and outbound the project, several other tortured souls were called upon by the echoes from the ruins once named Csejthe.