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twinkle twinkle mother f*cker

Someone who can play guitar Tell me where the hell you are I really want to form a band But no one seems to give a damn Ill write the words and sing the songs I just need you to play along....

C'mon.....C'monnnnnn :D

Dorian Modelo - Songwriter (BMI)
Dorian Modelo - Songwriter (BMI)  (almost 5 years ago)

Let's write to your stuff. I have the guitar covered no doubt...I'm in Wilmington, DE...

I'm Back (did you know I was gone?)

Haven't been active in a few months, I feel horrible about that. Hit a wall in my personal life and never fully bounced back. Moved out of where I was staying and had limited computer access for a while there, and even though things are fine now I haven't gotten back on track. I had that sick feeling that something was missing and I knew I had to get serious about my music again. Hope to talk to some of you out there soon, I have many songs in my head that I need help with! Good luck and congratulations on any success any of you may have found in my absence. Love to all.

Just thinking

I hate these nights when the silence is strong An abundance of thought, an absence of song my heart is like fire, fervently beating, and in my mind there is smoke, lucent and fleeting why can't I force the words to appear and remain a slave to visions sincere but never will I put myself upon a shelf to be bought by an abundance of song with an absence of thought.