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About Inside My Mind Vol.2

This project is sort of different from any project Majesty ever has made. I mean don't get me wrong its still that raw lyricism that you who listen to him love.At the same time he reaches out into a more genres and molds it into GREAT hip hop. Since the death of his dear friend or brother William "Epic Suess" "Pye" Johnson his hunger as well as anger grew deeply and it shows all through out this record.Some of the metaphors and analogies and literal statements in this project are very controversial as he speaks on religion,society,women,government,his competition etc. It bounces around in subject through each song but every song basically connects to the next artistically. Also what the listener will have to understand is the title "Inside My Mind". To capture the thoughts truthfully and put them in song form,You have to be honest and unfiltered.For it to have one set concept would make it fake and fabricated because who's mind has one concept? not even an idiot's lol. Also Being tasteful is almost thrown out the window. As for production it varies from boom bap to soul samples to pop samples, classical mafia samples,futuristic trap beats etc. Sample sources range from marvin gaye to cherl lynn and whitney houston and more!! It will feature a few spoken word appearances from his sister "Ingland" as well as appearances from his fellow jungle crew family: Black Gemini(Black),Avatar Jab,D'Greez, John D.O.E and Young Dice. This phenomena will drop on Christmas Day!!! Its first two singles "Jungle Crew Anthem" and "Revenge for the Slaves" will drop on a tba date this month(November). So Stay tuned!!! #jungle

Mirror-Tint Shades & Cargos: Pays Homage to the Golden era of Rap

It is no secret the Jungle Crew Ceo/Artist "Majesty" is a huge fan of the roots of hip-hop. So due to his love for 90's hip hop, on his birthday july 9th 2013 he will drop a mixtape lyrically hammering old school beats entitled "Mirror-Tint Shades & Cargos"which features rhymes over beats previouly used by nas,tupac,biggie,a tribe called quest,wu-tang clan,jay-z and more! His purpose is to shine some light on the art forms original format and give people somthing interesting to listen to instead of just "poppin mollys" and "badd bitches" it tells stories,it has very creative analogies and metaphores and it drops knowledge on you. Dont be a loser and miss out!!! in the mean time he will drop an Ep entitled "Classic EP" which is a joint project with Co-Ceo "King D" on May 17th other Jungle Crew artist have mixtapes Dropping soon such as: Young Dice "The Afterlife" April 30th, Black "Gemini" May 22nd, Epic "Confusion" tba date Young Dice "Cock Roach Festival" July 4 Ingland "Outside the Rim" (spoken word) tba date. And Much More!!! #staytuned

King's Diary Album By Yung Q aka Majesty

Incredible emcee "Yung Q aka Majesty" takes six months off to perfect and develop an album greater than any project that a Canton,oh artist has ever done.With 8 wonderful but underrated projects under his belt he has yet to accomplish any type of content success in his music career.The talented emcee becomes highly frustrated with this and being the perfectionist he is, he is expanding his versatility and using every possible style of the hip hop art and making it his own. His beat selection varies from soul samples,r&b samples,country samples, rock samples to bass knocking "trap" beats. All in which he drops unique punch line heavy, story telling,bravado flows over creating an audio diary to the hiphop world. The King theme obviously comes from the rappers other name or alter ego "Majesty". It will be a legendary album you do not want to miss out. It drops in digital stores such as itunes and amazon etc.. December 23rd. But the first single "You aint bout that life" (which is the rappers expression of disgust with people who play the tough role but its all a front) drops on Halloween on sites such as : www.soundcloud.com/yungq-aka-majesty,www.reverbnation.com/yungqakamajesty,www.youtube.com,www.hotnewhiphop.com. Thank you and stay tuned."http://www.hypersmash.com"www.hypersmash.com

Mainstream Assassin(mixtape)